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Precor Strengthens Preva(R) Networked Fitness Solution With Three New Capabilities

LAS VEGAS, NV — (Marketwire) — 03/20/13 — , a leading home and commercial fitness equipment manufacturer, today unveiled three new enhancements to ®, the industry-s first open platform networked fitness solution with more than 25 million logged workouts since its launch in 2010. All three enhancements leverage the power of the Preva platform to help operators strengthen communication, increase retention and enhance engagement with exercisers of all ages and fitness levels:

– an iPhone application that allows exercisers to track their entire fitness program from anywhere, including workouts on non-Precor equipment, group classes or outside fitness activities, such as hiking. Preva Mobile is available for download from iTunes in April 2013.

– an RFID-enabled fob that enables exercisers to sign in to Preva on any networked console simply by swiping the token, rather than manually entering personal information. Preva tokens will be available to exercisers from fitness facilities worldwide, starting in April 2013.

– a new communications capability of Message Manager that allows operators to create and schedule targeted messages to exercisers while they work out. Each interactive message appears at a specific time and directs viewers to a web page for more information. In-Workout Messaging is available as part of the Preva 3.0 software release.

“As more fitness enthusiasts embrace technology as an enabler for achieving their workout goals, Precor continues to innovate and deepen in value for exercisers and operators,” said Brent Brooks, Vice President of Networked Fitness at Precor. “We are constantly developing and refining interactive experiences for exercisers and business-building capabilities for the fitness facilities they visit. These latest enhancements to Preva are ideal extensions to what-s already become the standard by which other networked fitness technologies are measured.”

Preva developed Preva Mobile to extend the facility-s value by giving their exercisers a way to log and track workouts even when they-re away. Preva Mobile extends the reach of Preva Personal Accounts (introduced in 2012) by providing exercisers the ability to enter and earn rewards for all their fitness activities, not just cardio workouts on Precor equipment. Using Preva Mobile, they can log workouts on non-Precor equipment or other fitness activities such as swimming, playing a sport or participating in a group class. They can set fitness goals, track progress, win achievement badges, and save their favorite workouts via the cloud, no matter where they are.

For operators, Preva Mobile deepens customer relationships by providing a broader platform for exercisers to manage all fitness activities, not just those completed at the facility.

Preva Tokens are RFID-enabled key fobs that make it dramatically easy and quick for exercisers to sign into their Preva accounts. A simple swipe or tap of the Preva Token key fob on the exercise equipment reader immediately signs the exerciser into his or her Preva account, giving them access to their favorite workouts, fitness goals, progress milestones and rewards before they-ve even had time to set down their water bottle.

For exercisers struggling to fit workouts into their daily schedule, the ease of using a Preva Token to get started is an appreciated benefit that increases usage and leads to a longer-term engagement at the fitness facility.

Successful fitness facility operators understand that member communications are a critical component to member satisfaction and retention. If they don-t keep members apprised of new programs and promotions or conversely, bombard them with information, they risk a poor response. In-Workout Messaging expands operators- options for communicating with members by enabling them to build short messages, schedule them to appear at specific times and drive response by directing exercisers to a web page.

An unobtrusive message appears once at the beginning of a workout so exercisers can interact with the message before starting the more intense portion of their workout. Exercisers need to take action for the message to disappear — by either choosing the “Learn More” option or pushing the “OK” button — which enables operators to measure response.

Besides the scheduling function, In-Workout Messaging significantly builds on existing Preva messaging capabilities by adding custom images to each message and linking directly to any web page of choice.

The features announced today are the latest enhancements to the Preva open platform, which delivers a state-of-the-art fitness experience to exercisers and a competitive edge to fitness facility operators. Every networked P80 console on the 880 cardio line includes all Preva features and is updated with new features remotely over the Internet, eliminating the need for upgrade or troubleshooting efforts by the fitness facility. There are no ongoing subscription fees for fitness facility operators or members.

Fitness operators using Preva are already seeing their members enthusiastically embrace the platform.

“In the time we have been using Preva, its capabilities to help retain members and keep them engaged in their workouts has become very clear,” said Preston Crouser, general manager of Magnuson Athletic Club in Seattle, Washington. “I have spoken to members in the club trying to sneak in an extra workout so they can reach the weekly goal they set for themselves. Members enjoy being able to set and track goals. It keeps them accountable, and gives them the desire to run that extra mile or bike that extra five minutes.”

“At Precor, we view technology through the lens of what it can do to help our customers and their exercisers achieve their goals,” continued Brooks. “That-s why we led the way with the industry-s first open platform in 2010. By continually evolving and refining Preva, we will provide a superior networked fitness solution that meets the needs of busy exercisers and fitness facility operators alike.”

Preva is backed by the strength and innovation of Precor, the industry leader in networked fitness solutions. Precor was the first fitness equipment manufacturer to launch capacitive touchscreens, bringing the fitness industry up to par with other interactive technologies. In 2010, the company unveiled its P80 console, which serves as the user interface for Preva. Last year, the company introduced Preva Net to deliver a wide variety of Internet content to exercisers and followed up with Preva Personal Accounts in December.

Preva Mobile is available for download at iTunes in April 2013. Exercisers can sign up for Preva accounts and receive their Preva Token starting in April at any Precor networked fitness facility worldwide with the latest software installed on their Precor 880 cardio line. For more information about Preva, please visit .

Founded in the Seattle, WA area in 1980, designs and builds premium fitness equipment for effective workouts that feel smooth and natural. Precor continually redefines the levels of innovation, quality, and service necessary to deliver the very best fitness experiences — all with the goal of improving the ways people improve themselves.

Precor is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation (), the world-s largest sports equipment company, with internationally recognized brands Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Salomon, Arc-Teryx and Mavic. Precor operates production, distribution and a headquarters facility near Seattle, with offices in the UK, Germany, Benelux, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Japan and China. All Amer Sports companies develop and manufacture technically advanced products that improve the performance of active sports participants. Amer Sports operates in 24 countries and employs more than 6,500 staff worldwide. In 2011, Amer Sports- net sales were EUR 1.88 billion.

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