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PokerStakes.com Launches Comprehensive Guide to Poker Staking

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — (Marketwire) — 04/01/13 — Tens of millions of dollars a year change hands in poker staking deals, yet the overwhelming majority of poker players have little idea of what staking is, how it works, or – most importantly – how they can gain access to poker staking marketplaces.

But a new guide from – Poker Staking 101 – provides those answers and more in a definitive overview of staking. With over a dozen individual articles spanning several thousand words, Poker Staking 101 represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date online guide to poker staking.

Readers will start with an introduction to the world of poker staking that covers the basics and provides a few simple examples to illustrate the fundamentals of staking. There-s no jargon or confusing lingo here, as the guide takes the time to break staking down very simply and clearly for those new to the activity.

Staking has been a key part of poker-s most memorable events. For example, the historic event at the 2012 World Series of Poker carried a $1 million buy in price tag, causing several of the poker pros who eventually entered to sell pieces of their action – some in very public ways like Twitter and Facebook. Eventual champion Antonio Esfandiari was said to have sold a substantial, but undisclosed, percentage of his One Drop entry to an array of backers.

then shifts to exploring the specific aspects of standard poker staking arrangements, with in-depth explanations of key staking concepts like makeup, markup and stakeback. The Poker Staking 101 guide then explores typical staking contracts and details the unique arrangements that players and backers will encounter while exploring staking marketplaces.

Many of the biggest tournament wins in online poker have also involved some form of staking. In fact, a majority of the most successful names in online poker have an arrangement with a backer for at least some percentage of their play, whether to smooth out the severe variance of online poker tournaments or to secure a larger backing deal that includes big-ticket live tournament events.

The guide then moves on to cover common questions players have about staking as a concept. Readers may wonder why winning players would ever want to be backed, or why backers believe that buying a piece of a poker player-s action makes good financial sense. The Poker Staking 101 guide answers those questions along with additional queries related to the ethics of poker staking.

No guide to poker staking would be complete without information about how to access to the top staking marketplaces online, and PokerStakes.com-s Poker Staking 101 concludes with detailed briefs on how players seeking backing can best market themselves, where to find the best poker staking sites and the crucial differences between live poker staking and online poker staking.

Staking has long been an essential, yet somewhat secret, aspect of poker. But with the new Poker Staking 101 guide from PokerStakes.com, the secret is out – and now, armed with this information, all poker players can take full advantage of poker staking to either find backing or stake others.

About PokerStakes.com

PokerStakes.com is an independent website that offers objective information regarding the world of poker staking, headed by Poker Staking 101, the site-s authoritative guide to staking for new players. In addition to regularly updated staking content, PokerStakes.com also reviews over a dozen “Quick Stakes” from major online poker sites, promotions that offer players a chance to try a new room without needing to deposit.


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