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Rocket Fuel-s Programmatic Buying Platform Delivers Superior ROI for Agencies & Advertisers

REDWOOD CITY, CA — (Marketwired) — 04/03/13 — , the leading provider of artificial intelligence advertising solutions for digital marketers, today announced that Forrester Consulting has completed a commissioned study entitled “Measuring the Total Economic Impact of Rocket Fuel.” Forrester concluded that Rocket Fuel-s programmatic media buying technology delivers an average return on investment (ROI) increase of 229% for agencies and 192% for advertisers over a three-year period. When comparing ROI to alternative platforms on a campaign-by-campaign basis, Rocket Fuel consistently delivered gains of up to 193% vs. demand-side platforms (DSPs) with a mix of automated and manual optimization of algorithms, as well as gains of up to 144% vs. ad networks with limited automation/optimization.

Based on a third-party study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Rocket Fuel-s programmatic media buying platform, powered by artificial intelligence, delivers a substantial increase in average campaign ROI compared to media buying approaches that use a DSP with a mix of automated and manual optimization of algorithms and ad networks.

The study, conducted in late 2012 across seven of Rocket Fuel-s advertiser and agency clients, found that agencies and advertisers that use Rocket Fuel for developing, managing, and optimizing their media spend could realize ROI increases of 229% and 192% respectively over a three-year period.

Compared to other platform-driven campaigns, Rocket Fuel campaigns delivered higher conversions and revenue. For example, for agency customers over a 90-day period, Rocket Fuel-s demonstrated ROI was 60% better than a DSP with a mix of automated and manual optimization of algorithms and 144% better than ad networks. Rocket Fuel-s platform leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics to optimize media buys over time — delivering Advertising That Learns.

The study concluded that one of the benefits of Rocket Fuel was the ability to make changes quickly to campaigns Rocket Fuel also provided organizations with a way to increase the reach of individual campaigns through more sophisticated algorithms, leading to greater conversion and higher levels of automation, resulting in improved speed and higher campaign ROI.

While advertisers and agencies reported that Rocket Fuel-s negotiated CPM pricing was about 20% higher than standard ad networks, the large gains in ROI more than offset Rocket Fuel-s higher price differential. In addition to improved ROI, advertisers noted qualitative benefits using Rocket Fuel, such as delivering increases in brand awareness.

The methodology for the study included in-depth interviews with agencies and advertisers using Rocket Fuel. Before investing in Rocket Fuel, organizations were using a mixture of traditional ad networks or DSPs; they adopted Rocket Fuel to increase automated real-time bidding (RTB) and improve ad relevance through optimization algorithms. Organizations began their investment with a single campaign and expanded to include Rocket Fuel across campaigns and, in the case of the agencies, across multiple clients and geographies.

“Since the first campaign we ran at Rocket Fuel, customers have given us superlative feedback that we-re -top of the class,- and beating the other media partners on a plan,” said George John, CEO of Rocket Fuel. “We love hearing this from customers and it-s all that the -Kirk- part of our brain needed to hear, but the -Spock- in us wanted something more quantitative and logical. We-re very excited to have a trusted authority like Forrester provide the tricorder readings that validate the signs of life we were seeing. The results are truly energizing and motivate us to continue our mission to explore next-generation big data and artificial intelligence technology, to seek out new response patterns and new optimizations and to boldly create ROI for marketers that no partner has shown them before.”

“More campaigns run with Rocket Fuel because we see the see results of their algorithms to help us find the targeted audiences we need,” said Steve Parker, co-founder and managing partner of Levelwing. “Our campaigns seek a very specific buyer type and we-ve found that Rocket Fuel consistently delivers.”

“We-ve worked with Rocket Fuel for years and the total economic impact (TEI) is a clear testament to their ability to consistently deliver results and improve campaign ROI,” said Troy Lerner, president of Booyah! Advertising. “We get pitched so often by other companies that tout their purported capabilities, but too often they fall short in real action. It-s refreshing to see Rocket Fuel commission — and then get validated by — leading independent research.”

Rocket Fuel delivers the only programmatic media-buying platform at big data scale that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve marketing ROI. Rocket Fuel-s powerful Advertising That Learns technology drives best-in-plan results for advertisers, and empowers media teams to focus on strategy, not spreadsheets. Its distributed computing engine currently screens over 28 billion ad opportunities per day, and selects the best for its customers, via real time bidding (RTB) relationships with major publishers and exchanges, with 894 brands powered by Rocket Fuel in 2012. Awarded #4 on Forbes- 2013 Most Promising Companies in America list, Rocket Fuel was founded by online advertising veterans and rocket scientists from NASA, Yahoo!, Salesforce.com, and DoubleClick. Rocket Fuel employs over 375 people in 18 offices worldwide including New York, London, Paris, and Hamburg.

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