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Xtendwave Announces First Shipment and Sample Availability of EverSet(R) WWVB Receivers

DALLAS, TX — (Marketwired) — 04/09/13 — Xtendwave, a fabless semiconductor company focused on the development of physical-layer communication technologies, today announced the company is now sampling the EverSet® ES100 IC, the first of the company-s new generation of radio synchronized clock receivers. Historically, devices using receivers for the legacy WWVB broadcast have experienced poor performance due to problems resulting from factors such as time of day, location, shielding, and EMI. Xtendwave-s EverSet® products are capable of receiving the new WWVB atomic-timekeeping broadcast developed by Xtendwave under a Small Business Innovation Research contract with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and fully implemented by NIST in October 2012. Xtendwave-s receiver technology provides greatly improved reception of the new WWVB broadcast signal, resulting in near-ubiquitous time synchronization across North America. Xtendwave-s EverSet® receiver ICs are capable of receiving the new phase-modulated WWVB signal, with a signal-to-noise sensitivity improved by a factor of 100 or more compared to the legacy AM signal. WWVB is the station operated by NIST for synchronization of radio-controlled (“atomic”) clocks in the U.S.

The performance improvements demonstrated by EverSet® make integrating these receivers into a broad range of clocks, watches, electronics, home appliances, industrial products, and even automobiles now a viable option for manufacturers. In addition, the technology is available for license as an IP core in CMOS for system-on-chip integration. “We are excited to be able to provide samples of our first chips, and early prototypes have been well reviewed by our customers,” said Xtendwave President Dennis Robbins.

EverSet® patented and patent-pending receiver technology provides orders-of-magnitude improvement in reception sensitivity over the legacy “atomic clock” receivers

The new signal is now being transmitted by NIST, and successful broadcast trials have been completed in many cities across the U.S. and Canada, including Hawaii

Engineering samples of EverSet® ES100 receivers are currently shipping to select customers

ES100 will begin shipping in production volumes in Q3 this year

EverSet® functionality will be available as an IC, module or IP for integration into customers- CMOS SoCs

The key difference for Xtendwave-s ES100 customers:

ES100 is now sampling

Xtendwave, based in Dallas, Texas, is a fabless semiconductor company focused on the development of physical-layer communication technologies. These are based on both analog and digital signal processing methods, strategically targeted at enabling improved performance over various media through increased data rates, greater distances, and higher quality-of-service. Xtendwave is currently engaged with customers in both the precise timekeeping industries and telecommunications industries. Xtendwave has strong collaborative relationships with leading universities, and is the recipient of numerous Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards. Visit: .


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