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Georgia Transit Agencies Use RouteMatch Software to Optimize Demand Response Services

ATLANTA, GA — (Marketwired) — 04/29/13 — Demand Response solution and notification tool are helping Georgia transit agencies — and — improve operational efficiencies around scheduling and dispatching, in addition to increasing overall riderships.

Both agencies have used RouteMatch-s automated scheduling and dispatching solution to reduce or eliminate paperwork, accommodate more trip requests and verifications, and improve routing — thereby creating an overall more efficient service that is well-regarded by their respective communities and service areas.

“RouteMatch has helped us become light years ahead of where we were,” says Tavores Edwards, Transportation Manager at Coweta County Transportation and Engineering Department. “The numbers we are seeing since implementing the technology is a testament to how strong the RouteMatch system is.”

Since implementing RouteMatch technology, Coweta County dispatchers have moved from pen-and-paper scheduling to an automated system and have improved trip performance, increasing the number of trips they are able to accommodate to an average of 500 per month per vehicle for 2013, up from 448 per vehicle for 2012.

“We are able to accept and schedule many more trips with RouteMatch Software, than we did before,” Tavores says, who was able to schedule 600 trips a month on three vehicles in January 2013.

Coweta County Transit contracts with Quality Trans, Inc. and Three Rivers Regional Commission for their day-to-day operations, which includes five vehicles and a service area that covers approximately 443 square miles in the southwest metro Atlanta area.

The installation of tablets on their vehicles has created an easy and efficient communication tool between drivers and dispatch. On the tablets, drivers can get turn-by-turn navigation, manage route and scheduling information, and access automatic vehicle location data — all enabled by RM Mobile, RouteMatch-s integrated mobile platform.

The combination of scheduling and route optimization and RouteMatch-s RM Mobile and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology has allowed Coweta to achieve a 14% increase in overall ridership over the last five months from the same period last year.

Coweta County is one of nine counties where Three Rivers Regional Commission operates transit services, and one of six counties that utilize tablet technology.

“The impact the tablets have on operations is huge,” explains Tracie Sanchez, Mobility Manager of Three Rivers Regional Commission. “Everything — managing costs, scheduling, routing — it all runs much more efficiently than the counties without the tablets. Coweta currently sets the standard for other agencies in our region.”

Henry County Transit has experienced a 30% increase in ridership due to the area-s growing population. The agency, which operates 25 vehicles, was looking to increase efficiencies in order to accommodate that growth without adding more vehicles and staff.

Benefits gained from RouteMatch-s technology derived from using RouteMatch outbound Notification Module.

The Notification Module provides riders automated outbound information via phone about upcoming trips and reservations. Henry County Transit services a combination of Department of Human Services- riders who schedule standing orders and public riders, who use the service as a back-up commuting option, for social engagements and other needs. Henry County Transit uses the RouteMatch Notification module to automate outbound calls to 30-45% of their daily public riders who schedule trips.

Since implementing RouteMatch, the agency has been able to measure a 20% decrease in no-shows, despite the 10% year over year increase demand for services as of 2010.

When coupled with automatic vehicle location (AVL), notification calls may be provided based on real-time vehicle arrival estimates, giving customers a friendly reminder and reducing dwell time and unnecessary vehicle idling.

“The Notification Module has changed the way we interact and contact passengers,” says David Williamson, Henry County Transit-s Director of Transit. “It has been very beneficial to us, our riders and their ability to cancel trips. The great thing about RouteMatch is if you insert the data, there is almost no limit to the amount of information you can get back out of it in terms of ad hoc reporting, and that has been very useful.”

More telling, the agency has measured a significant decrease in same day rider cancellations, as riders have grown accustomed to using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to cancel trips in advance — thus, allowing Henry County Transit to add in more trips and fill seats on the bus for same day rider requests.

Explained David Owen, Program Coordinator at Henry County Transit, “That is significant. Those advance cancellations give us the potential for additional same day or will call demand response trips to be scheduled. It is safe to say that over the years, we have become more efficient as a direct result of RouteMatch technology — it has helped us focus our attention and streamline our efforts.”

RouteMatch-s Notification Module uses advanced speech recognition technologies to deliver automated phone reservations, allowing for greater customer access and less demand on agency staff.

“Coweta County Transit and Henry County Transit have been able to gather measurable improvements in terms of dispatching, scheduling, and handling no-shows and overall services,” says RouteMatch-s Tim Quinn, Executive Vice President. “Their willingness to be open to new technologies paves the way for them to grow efficiencies and save costs. RouteMatch is proud to work with both of these agencies to serve their riderships.”

(5311) program provides transit services to business, commercial and activity centers in Coweta County and is funded with federal, state and local dollars. The program uses a “demand response” model, meaning there are no fixed routes, stops or pick up times. Citizens must call and schedule a needed trip 24 hours in advance and daily routes are generated based on destinations requested. Rides are “first come — first served” based on availability. The operation of the program is handled by Quality Trans, Inc., a third party contractor already operating in Coweta County.

provides safe, reliable, accessible and affordable transportation to the citizens of Henry County. Curb-to-curb service is provided on a first-come, first-served reservation system. Henry Transit operates and provides transportation services in a manner, which does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship status, handicap, or age.

is the leading provider of passenger transportation technology solutions. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and RouteMatch works with more than 600 transit agencies worldwide. Partnering with public and private sector passenger transportation providers, the company provides an end-to-end technology platform which addresses multiple operational, safety and ridership needs. RouteMatch-s technologies address routing, scheduling, dispatching, billing, reporting, , , business analytics, and fixed route integration, traveler information services, , and more. Additional information about RouteMatch-s ITS technologies is available at or by emailing .

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