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Osmium: Rarest precious metal on the verge of challenging global diamond industry, expert says

Kitco News, one of the world?s leading sources for metals market information, recently broadcast an interview featuring the precious metal ?osmium?. The little-known element has only been available for a few years and is already set to provide new opportunities for investors and for the making of premium jewellery.

?Osmium is incredibly rare. It\-\-s one of the rarest metals on this planet,? says Bodo Albrecht in the interview with Kitco News. Mr Albrecht is founder of BASIQ Corporation, a precious metals and consulting firm based in Westfield (NJ), United States.

Osmium is co-mined with platinum and there are only two cubic metres of osmium minable on this planet. ?You have to mine 10,000 tons of platinum ore to get one ounce of osmium. This is how rare it is,? continues Albrecht.

To date, the metal has not been very popular. Osmium in its raw form is an unspectacular grey powder and reacts with air to form osmium tetroxide, a poisonous substance. A breakthrough occurred in 2013, when it became possible to crystallise osmium in a process which renders the metal inert and therefore harmless. The result are beautifully sparkling osmium crystals which reflect light with a distinct blueish-silvery tint.

?This is obviously intended as a jewellery item but it\-\-s also an investment item now that the metal can be formed into one ounce round bars and stored, with a very high value density,? says Mr Albrecht.

The German-based Osmium-Institute is marketing the metal globally and working on finding local partners. ?They have partners in 20 countries of the world. They are in the United States, in North America. They are all over Europe. They are developing in Asia, in Australia, and these crystals will be available through wholesale jewellers, through retailers and then a trading market will eventually emerge.?

Crystallising osmium somewhat resembles rearranging carbon atoms when making diamonds. ?If you for a moment think of osmium like a diamond?a diamond is made of carbon and carbon is an entirely different material. So, osmium is our new carbon.?

With artificially grown diamonds currently flooding the market, the timing for alternatives could not be better according to Mr Albrecht. With interest in the metal rising, supplies are likely to struggle to meet demand. ?It is foreseeable that the osmium\-\-s rarity will actually increase. So, you will find fewer and fewer osmium and one day it may actually run out because the concentration is getting so low.?

Another advantage of osmium are the high ethical standards for sourcing the raw material. The reason is that the ore containing the osmium comes from the mines that supply platinum for automotive catalysts. These companies underwent comprehensive programs to ensure compliance with strict ethical and sustainability standards. This helps preventing issues such as the infamous blood diamonds, an image that the gemstone industry could never quite get rid of. ?It\-\-s guilt free, if you will.?

The full interview is available for streaming here: https://www.kitco.com/news/video/show/Kitco-News/2260/2019-02-01/The-Rare-Precious-Metal-You-Need-in-Your-Life

A full transcript of the interview is attached to this Media Release.


Osmium Institutes have the international task of introducing osmium into regional markets. They provide native-speaker support in the marketing of osmium as well as training for investment advisors, processors and organizations working with osmium.

Osmium is promoted as a jewelry and investment metal by osmium institutes and receives considerable support. This serves the purpose of providing information on high-temperature processing into jewellery and at the same time helping investors to check osmium for authenticity.

The current Swiss prices are published after each fixing via RSS feeds of the Osmium institutes in several currencies.

Purchase of osmium:

To purchase osmium, please contact retailers, financial institutions and wholesalers as well as jewellers who have received approval from osmium institutes for trade and distribution. These organisations have an obligation to have a profound knowledge of osmium.

Some of them are listed on the websites of the regional Osmium Institutes.

Process of osmium certification:

After being crystallized in Switzerland, all pieces of osmium are passed through the German Osmium Institute. After chemical analysis and scan, the crystal structures are entered as \”fingerprints\” of the osmium crystals in the international osmium database and the internationally valid number and letter code is assigned (hexadecimal code).


Unlike osmium sponge, crystallized osmium is non-toxic and completely harmless. Its appearance differs in the crystal lattice structure and thus changes the chemical properties of osmium. The metal belongs to the group of platinum metals and, like any precious metal, has the properties of special resistance to reactors.


Osmium is supplied in flat structures with a layer thickness of approximately one mm. Almost any shape can be cut by wire erosion. The rectangular shape is common for bars, which can be imported duty-free in many countries and countries as an investment instrument.

Safety instructions of the Osmium Institutes apply for the cut. During processing, it is recommended that the regional Osmium Institute approves the desired cutting forms. Certified cutting companies can also be commissioned directly by the institutes. For these cuts, if ordered over an Osmium Institute, full insurance applies in the case of a false cut of the ordered form.


Osmium can be crystallized in structures up to 2cm in size on carbon cores. The core remains in the structure. It cannot be removed and in addition serves to the stability of the 3D surface. Only topologically monovalent forms are possible which do not have through holes. The shapes must merge smoothly. Sharp edges and corners are not possible.

Forms of trade for crystallized Osmium:

The most common trading forms are the osmium disc and osmium medium edged bars. They are called osmium semi-finished products and are duty-free in many countries. These bars are supplemented by osmium diamonds and osmium stars.

Special shapes are simple geometries, silhouettes and letters. 3D objects are only available in extremely small quantities and are rarely and usually produced on request.


Contacts for specific inquiries by media partners:

Ms. Scarlett Clauss:


international public relations

Europe: Tel. +49 171 1060356

Ms. Elisabeth Gleirscher:


international social media

Europe: Tel.: +43 699 1310 2709

Contact for questions on customs and taxes as well as export, trade and import:

Dr. Jörg Saxler


tax and duty department

Australia Cell: +61 427 800 193

Contact for Onboarding, Partnership, Training:

Ms. Sarah Voelk


International Onboarding

Europe: Tel.: +49 163 754 7771

For journalists, the www.osmium-dlc.com is available as a download center for free Osmium-related material. For direct inquiries or defined questions, please send an email to scarlett.clauss@osmium-institute.com

Contact German Osmium-Institute:

Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH

Höllriegelskreuther Weg 3

82065 Baierbrunn

Tel: +49 (89) 7 44 88 88 ? 11

Fax: +49 (89) 7 44 88 88 ? 19

Mobile: +49 (171) 1 060 356

E-Mail: scarlett.clauss@osmium-institute.com



GF und Direktion: Ingo D. Wolf

Amtsgericht: München, HRB 200 453

Ust-Id-Nr: DE 284 376 137


Contact for investors, collectors and end customers:

Hotline: +49 (89) 7 44 88 88 – 88?

More information about Osmium may be found here:

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