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Revenue&Power Calculator for Crypto Miners Revenue Profitability Calculator



Smart IT Alliance GmbH


First understand, then invest! Whether your own mining farm or crypto miner hosting, you should first check the profitability of your chosen crypto miners. To be able to check your investment properly, you can use our #profitability calculator. We developed this for you so that you can play through different constellations.


You can find out everything you need to know about this topic in the following lines.

How high is your planned #investment?

Would you like to place a device in your basement, maybe 3 to 30 crypto miners in the hosting area, or would you like to run your own #MiningFarm? You can easily answer this question for yourself. It depends on your investment and your willingness to take care of your own #cryptomining farm on your own.

Your options with different investments

Investment from EUR 10,000.00

From this amount it makes the most sense to put your investment in #hosting. With a single #cryptominer, you could of course also put it in your basement at home. Make sure that a suitable power connection is available and that the electricity price is as low as possible. There is good air circulation, including cooling options, and the premises are clean. Furthermore, the noise pollution should not be neglected. With an average of 80 dB in continuous operation, the devices should be operated in a suitable location.

With hosting through us you don�t have to worry about anything. You only pay a hosting fee and the actual electricity consumption. The hosting fee includes the costs for rental costs, cooling, security, shelves, power connection, etc.

Investment from EUR 500,000.00

From 500,000.00 EUR you could definitely think about your own mining farm with a suitable location. Here, however, the costs for the necessary power connection and, given, if an extension of the transformer, should be taken into account.

The costs for installation etc. can quickly double your investment. If you possibly need a container because there is no space at the favorable electricity location, you have to calculate additional costs in the three-digit range.

With hosting you would not have any work in this case either and save a considerable amount of money. The money can be invested in crypto miners, who in turn make money for you.

Another possibility, which exists from a significantly higher investment volume in the millions, is to operate your own mining farm – without any work – also via our hosting. Own farm access and technical access included.

This is available from us from an electricity price of 0.0475 cents.

The right choice of miners

After you have decided on your investment, you have to decide on suitable crypto miners. A difficult undertaking, because you have to commit to one cryptocurrency per device when you buy it. This can not be so easy with the up and down of the price development.

Much more difficult when buying one miner than when buying 100 devices.

As with a good ETF stock, the risk can be spread. If you donâ€?t just commit to one stock, but from a solid mix, the whole thing becomes more stable. As a wise man said, “Itâ€?s harder to stand on one foot, but much easier on two.” If you split it between several different crypto miners, the return is a little lower, but safer.

If you bet everything on one currency, the risk is significantly greater, but it can also be more profitable.

In the end, the decision is of course yours, we are happy to help you with the choice of miner and are available with advice and action.

Smart IT Alliance GmbH, specializing in the delivery of crypto mining hardware and crypto mining farms, inspires its customers with well thought-out system configurations, power and heat concepts, IT security, professionals for implementation and exceptionally fast deliveries. By operating our own crypto mining farms, countless miner configurations have already been tested, problems solved and ideal implementations for all possible variants tested live.

Customers often approach Smart IT Alliance GmbH with a request to design and implement a coherent overall concept – from bare ground or even without a suitable property for the mining farm. Anyone who is allowed to become a customer of Smart IT Alliance GmbH can enjoy indescribably close customer loyalty, full service, special offers and lightning-fast implementation. A separate subsidiary was founded in Hong Kong with on-site employees just for the faster implementation of deliveries from Asia.

The most important point in the overall approach of Smart IT Alliance GmbH is that not only the one delivery but the overall concept is seen and always kept in view for each customer. Otherwise, the miners cannot be connected in the office, warehouse or new mining farm because the power connection is not sufficient for the high permanent load, the heat cannot be transported away, IT security is not given, the noise was ignored or or or .

We have recently been offering free spaces in our mining farm for miner hosting (also in the USA!) and we even accept third-party devices (from 10 pieces). This means that everyone now has the chance to operate their miners cheaply, because unfortunately German prices are increasing more and more.

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