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Anti-Censorship Alternative Search Engine Has No Liberal Bias Filtered Results

If you believe big tech and liberal bias are changing the internet landscape and limiting your access to the truth, youâ€?re not alone. TUSK is a new search engine here to stampede their liberal competition. TUSK describes themselves as a free speech and anti-censorship space that is free from the liberal bias that the search engineâ€?s founders believe govern much of the internet and media today. The new TUSK alternative search engine has been founded by a collective of center-right Americans who are united in their desire to give you an internet that is completely uncensored—where you can search for the news, information and content you want, and not have your search results dictated by biased algorithms. Go to https://tuskbrowser.com/search/ to find out more. TUSK has launched their new search engine following the launch of their popular new alternative web browser in 2022. The platformâ€?s founders believe that their search engine is the logical evolution of the work they have been doing with their strictly free speech and secure web browser. The launch of their search engine has also come in response to the dominant and now seemingly unchallengeable rise of media institutions like Google. As a recent article on Web FX called ‘How Google Can Control Opinion & Flip Electionsâ€? explains, while “most users trust that Googleâ€?s search results are unbiased”, the Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) coined by Dr. Robert Epstein & Ronald E. Robertson points to the exact opposite. As the article states, there are several incidents where Google has been taken to court or fined for the way their search rankings operate, and for using their high levels of user trust to shift your opinions and consumption habits. TUSK perceives this to be a vast problem for the future of America, and one that particularly impacts you if you are a right-leaning, right, center right or conservative American. As TUSK reveals, if you are on the right, your ideas are more likely to be censored. As such, they have designed their alternative search engine to be a rival to Google, as well as other similar platforms like Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. TUSKâ€?s founders conceive of their search engine as a free speech space that will allow you to discover buried stories and find genuinely unbiased information from all sides of the political spectrum. You can try the new TUSK search engine today and can find out more about their free speech alternative web browser online. A spokesperson for the alternative search engine said, “TUSK is a new search engine created by a conservative organization for conservative users. It is designed to provide users with an alternative to the mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of right-wing media. It focuses on providing users with transparency in their search results. With filters for Right, Left and Center, you can see the whole picture, not only what tech giants want you to see.” TUSK believes that a stampede against big tech and liberal bias is just beginning. Visit https://tuskbrowser.com/search/ if you want to join them as they liberate the internet and make internet searches honest and censorship-free again.

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