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Launch of LIFEKEEP.COM – Take Back Control of Your Digital Life!

PALO ALTO, CA — (Marketwire) — 09/17/12 — Palo Alto-based IPM LifeKeep Ltd. announces the launch of , a free iPhone and iPad application and of its web based service, .

“We took full advantage of the 4G revolution, the desire for mobility and the need for personal digital archiving and we created a truly comprehensive Life Management tool that will free people from a lot of constraints” says Jacques Mechelany, Founder and CEO of IPM LifeKeep Ltd.

allows you store all your photos, usernames, passwords, personal archives, documents and medical records, privately and securely and retrieve and share them from your iPhone or iPad at any time.

“Having all your important life data stored safely for the long term and available immediately, from wherever you are and from any device, is what LifeKeep offers you”. Having a secure place, that is truly yours, where you store all your precious digital files and retrieve them conveniently and securely is invaluable. It appeals to everyone,” says Mechelany.

The application is comprehensive and secure. Your data will be at your fingertips, available anytime, conveniently and securely, without every being stored on your device. All sensitive data is encrypted automatically using the latest technology.

is available — for free — on the iTunes App Store.
A LifeKeep account is free and can be upgraded for additional storage capacity.
The solutions are numerous, as briefly listed below.

loyalty programs, credit card and bank account details, insurance policies, utility contracts, vehicle details, rental agreements, mortgage, ownership titles and medical records. Access them immediately when they are needed. Your data is never stored on your device andConfidential data is automatically encrypted and decrypted using the latest technology.

are immediately uploaded from your Smartphone to your LifeKeep account, with no need to synchronize or back up. Invite your friends, and only them, to view the ones you would like to share. Chat and blog privately and freely through our secure network.

Take a photo of a receipt, business card or document and file them immediately in your LifeKeep account or forward securely to your accountant or personal assistant. LifeKeep is a perfect tool for the digital archiving of the documents, the client management and the product display of small businesses such as real estate brokers, sales agents, doctors, lawyers, etc..

are easily and readily available when you go to the doctor. Accessible to you when that information could be critical.

Imagine it is dark and the taxi driver does not look very reassuring, or you have health problems, or maybe you are home alone or your children walk back from school by themselves. A is available should you encounter a dangerous situation or health issue. LifeKeep will call the police immediately and a person you have designated will receive an emergency text message with your exact location.

No more need for backups, synchronization and management of photos and documents. No need to worry about tech upgrades, changing phones, computers or operating systems. LifeKeep your pictures, videos, audio files and documents to new formats as they become the new standards.

LifeKeep enables you to organize securely the transmission of all your digital life, to leave a legacy and your last wishes, to say what you have to say, just in case something were to happen.

Create i-Memorials for loved ones who have passed away. I-Memorials are available on LifeKeep-s sister service

to store, encrypt, preserve, protect and back-up your data, continuously and securely. LifeKeep automatically converts your pictures, videos, audio files and documents to the new standards as they become available. Your content is forever preserved and available. Your data is not -somewhere- in a Cloud. It is stored on LifeKeep-s proprietary servers in Switzerland, with its shareholder Safe Host SA, a leading ISO9001 certified provider of secure data storage.

Feel secure knowing that your data, behavior and locations are never being monitored, analyzed or used for commercial purposes. LifeKeep does not advertise or use your content. LifeKeep offers a “freemium” model giving users free use of the basic features. A premium upgrade is also offered for larger storage solutions. Safe, reliable and respectful of your privacy, Lifekeep gives you control of your content without interfering or capitalizing on it.

“The true revolution is NOT having the data present on your device, but instead taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the high speed of data transmission of 4G technology. The dangers of security, loss, corruption of data and failure of the device will become a thing of the past,” says Jacques Mechelany, Founder and CEO of IPM LifeKeep Ltd.

“Would you rather have all your precious content on a simple device or stored safely for the long term, in a place readily available to you, with the highest standards of technology, encryption, fire, earthquake and flood protection?”

“The corporate world has embraced digital archiving a long time ago. LifeKeep allows individuals to have the same security and access!”

says Mechelany.

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Founded by a group of private investors and Safe Host SA in 2010, IPM LifeKeep Ltd. launched two legacy services at DEMO Fall 2011 and gathered more than 8-000 articles and mentions in the world press.

is one of the largest secure data centre and disaster recovery service providers in Switzerland. An ISO 9001 certified company that caters for some of the largest banks, industrial, telecommunication and internet companies in the world.

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was coded and implemented by a Menlo Park, CA – based company.

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The comprehensiveness of the service,

The convenience and attractiveness of the

Mobile user interface,

A central and unique place to store user-s data with the highest standards of security

The full respect of the user-s Privacy and Confidentiality

is a “freemium” model.

A LifeKeep account is free and can be upgraded to Premium or Platinum for additional
storage capacity.

This ensures that the business model is safe, reliable and lasting. The company-s cash flow and revenues are stable, recurring, and not dependent on the variable revenues often generated by advertising.

This sets LifeKeep apart from many other social networks. Your privacy is respected, and your content kept confidential, whether your account is free or premium.

Users can buy in advance for or $66.67 /year and save 25 %
Users can buy in advance for or $49.99 /year and save 45 %

Users can buy in advance for or $99.99 /year and save 33 %
Users can buy in advance for or $79.99 /year and save 46 %

This is one of the in the market for As a matter of comparison, Dropbox offers 200GB for $199 per annum.

LifeKeep-s assessment is that the market for is nascent but vast, and that some categories of individuals do have very large storage needs personally and professionally.

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Jacques Mechelany
Tel: 650 561-2344

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