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Resilinc Launches Next-Generation Supply Chain Resiliency Solution SupplyIntel(TM) and EventWatch(TM) 3.0

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (Marketwire) — 03/14/13 — Resilinc Corp., the leading provider of supply chain resiliency solutions, today announced that it has launched a new product release and that WD, a Western Digital company, has adopted Resilinc-s new SupplyIntel and EventWatch 3.0 solutions to maximize the resiliency of its global supply chain.

SupplyIntel 3.0 maps global supply chains across multiple tiers, identifying critical supply chain dependencies, exposing potential vulnerabilities and single points of failure, managing risk mitigation and optimizing resiliency practices throughout the organization. It quickly exposes critical failure points and risk exceptions, enables resources and budgets to be used optimally for proactive supply chain resiliency, and helps to protect continuity of supply from supply chain disruptions. With EventWatch 3.0, supply chain practitioners can have a finger on the pulse of global events on a 24×7 basis and receive timely and actionable notifications about potentially disruptive events.

“WD, a world class storage leader with a global supply chain foot print, highlights the need for a scalable approach to multitier supply chain risk visibility and overall resiliency,” said Rubik Babakanian, SVP of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer with WD. “The recent unfortunate disasters of the Japan Tsunami and Thailand Floods have sharpened our sense for improving our visibility. We have found that the Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 supply chain risk management solution offers a scalable and continuous visibility platform to help enhance our ability to improve upon our supply chain resiliency.”

Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 provides WD an automated enterprise-level supply chain risk management process, including executive-level management oversight, multidimensional supply chain risk threat assessment and monitoring, site and parts level risk analytics, product risk scores and supply chain visibility and sub-tier risk aggregation views and analytics.

“Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 empowers next-generation multi-tier supply chain mapping and visibility, risk analytics, global event monitoring and total resiliency management capabilities that are increasingly being adopted by industry leaders such as WD to proactively plan for, monitor and protect against global supply chain disruptions,” said Bindiya Vakil, president of Resilinc. “Risk management and mitigation are only truly effective at a product and part number level. With SupplyIntel 3.0, our clients quickly gain part-level insights so they can make proactive risk mitigation strategies more effective.”

Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 delivers a central repository for collecting, managing and refreshing global multi-tier supplier visibility information easily and efficiently. The solution provides critical supply chain insights based on business intelligence about supplier global footprint and site locations, sub-contractor and sub-tier supplier dependencies, site operations, part origin, alternate sites, recovery times, emergency contacts, and business continuity planning (BCP) information. Resilinc-s subscription offering includes supplier onboarding, training and periodic refresh of supplier information which results in low resource impact to customers and lowest total cost of ownership. Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 leverages a powerful new patent-pending supply chain analytics engine that converts the supply chain mapping information into meaningful and actionable insights. Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 automatically identifies, based on industry best practices, critical high exposure and high vulnerability areas of the supply chain at a part, site or supplier level. Resilinc SupplyIntel 3.0 also takes an innovative wizard-driven approach to the process of supply chain risk mitigation by enabling commodity managers or other users to follow a step-by-step approach to identifying risky parts, choosing an appropriate mitigation strategy and tracking the completion of the mitigation.

Another industry-leading innovation, Resilinc EventWatch, offers a complete solution to monitor global supply chain disruptions — ranging from natural and man-made disasters, to labor and transportation strikes, to bankruptcies — on an on-going and scalable basis. Resilinc EventWatch empowers supply chain professionals to perform global disruption event monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It filters events which have supply chain disruptive potential and removes redundant and non-impactful notifications. EventWatch notifications quickly pinpoint supplier sites in a disruption zone, parts originating in the region along with recovery time and impact potential of the event. Supply chain experts can use the what-if capability to proactively plan for future events and evaluate how they could impact the organization. The what-if tool uses mapping and visualization to enable users to understand how potential disruption events might impact their products.

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Resilinc is the leading provider of supply chain resiliency solutions. Resilinc brings the power of resiliency by enabling supply chains to proactively plan for, monitor and respond to global multi-tier disruptions in hours rather than weeks or months. Resilinc helps customers achieve supply chain resiliency through innovative and patent-pending technology, powerful supply chain mapping and visibility, global event monitoring, and a resiliency supply network. For more information, visit .

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