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Percona Toolkit 2.2 for MySQL Now Supports MySQL 5.6 and Percona XtraDB Cluster

PLEASANTON, CA — (Marketwire) — 03/25/13 — , the company that makes MySQL faster and more reliable, today announced the availability of , the latest release of the company-s open source administration tools for MySQL which also work with Percona Server, the drop-in replacement for MySQL. The new version adds support for Percona XtraDB Cluster and MySQL 5.6. Enhancements also make Percona Toolkit 2.2 more resilient and easier to use.

is a free, open source solution, which enables administrators to simply and reliably automate complex, tedious tasks to eliminate error-prone steps and avoid unintended consequences, such as increased system load. The tools distill the expertise that Percona has acquired through tens of thousands of hours of experience on mission-critical MySQL and Percona Server database servers. Percona Toolkit reduces operational costs by increasing staff productivity and helping to improve database performance and uptime. It is very useful for administrators of all MySQL servers and is especially useful for large, busy servers, such as web applications, enterprise systems, and gaming applications. Percona Toolkit 2.2 tools are developed by the Percona engineering team, which uses more than 4,000 unit and integration tests to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Fully MySQL 5.6 compatible

Several tools have been significantly updated or rewritten to make them more powerful, simpler, and easier to use.

The resiliency of pt-online-schema-change has been greatly improved, especially for MySQL 5.5 and 5.6.

The tools provide a warning default option, using secure https protocol when possible, regarding out-of-date software and critical problems. The feature can be disabled if checks are not desired.

pt-mysql-summary and pt-stalk now have built-in standard MySQL options.

pt-table-checksum now warns the user if no replicas are found.

“Percona Toolkit is an essential set of tools for MySQL for eliminating the common manual management errors that lead to poor performance and system crashes. By automating complex administrative tasks, these tools reduce operational costs and increase user productivity. With version 2.2, we have made several tools more powerful and easier to use and have added support for MySQL 5.6 and Percona XtraDB Cluster, making the toolkit even more valuable to administrators.”

has made MySQL faster and more reliable for over 1,800 consulting and support customers worldwide since 2006. Percona provides enterprise-grade , , , , and services to companies such as Cisco Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, Groupon, and the BBC. Percona-s founders authored the definitive book from O-Reilly Press and the widely read . Percona also develops software for MySQL users, including , , , and . The popular draw attendees and acclaimed speakers from around the world. For more information, visit .

Percona® and XtraBackup® are registered trademarks of Percona LLC. All other registered and unregistered trademarks in this document are the sole property of their respective owners.

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