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Proxim Wireless Launches Latest Orinoco(R) WLAN Access Point AP-8100

SILICON VALLEY, CA — (Marketwired) — 04/02/13 — (PINKSHEETS: PRXM), a global leader in advanced indoor and outdoor radio systems, today introduced the latest member of the ORiNOCO┬« family of enterprise-class Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) access points — the ().

“The Orinoco AP-8100 has an arsenal of features that makes Proxim access points a great product for enterprises,” said Martin Bauer of Bauer Audio, who has deployed Orinoco access points in multi-storied hotel projects.

Product Applications

The AP-8100 has been designed to meet the indoor Wi-Fi wireless connectivity needs for the enterprise market segment, which includes a wide variety of entities such as hotels and hospitality venues, hospitals and other medical care facilities, schools and universities, “hot spot” Internet connectivity providers (both as an amenity and as a paid service), as well as state, local and federal governmental agencies. The connectivity needs of this market segment are as varied as the organizations themselves and can include:

3G/4G Mobile data offload: Relieving over-stressed cellular networks by offloading the ever-increasing demands for “data to the handheld” to a Wi-Fi network. The AP-8100 with the cloud based remote management is able to deliver a “no configuration” rapid deployment model, enabling lower install cost and time. The AP-8100 also meets other key service provider requirements like robust performance, remote visibility/control, and integration with the 3GPP core for unified policy management.

Connected Schools: The AP-8100 enables online and electronic learning models for the digital classroom by delivering high capacity bandwidth to handle smart phones, tablets, e-readers, and online video session. It also provides the ability to separate a school/staff network from a student network and to support “” programs.

Collaborative Healthcare Network: The AP-8100 enables secure transmission of high-resolution image files enabling collaborative medical diagnoses and evaluations with remote personnel. The AP-8100 can also increase clinician productivity with high capacity ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage enabling health care professionals to use their mobile devices anywhere in the hospital to access medical records and diagnostic images.

Product Features

The AP-8100 is an OFDM, MIMO 2×2, 802.11n dual radio access point. One radio operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, while the other operates in the 5 GHz spectrum for greater flexibility and interference avoidance and improving maximum throughput. It provides 300 Mbps data rate per radio for an aggregate data rate of 600 Mbps in a single, low-cost product. The AP-8100 product is 802.3af compliant, enabling PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) (IEEE 802.3 af/at) and deployment in areas where power outlets are not available without the need for power injectors. In addition, Proxim-s newest ORiNOCO access point has a sleek, lightweight, compact design to blend seamlessly into an enterprise environment.

The AP-8100 product also has the full suite of features enabled by Proxim-s ORiNOCO software that runs the AP-8100. These features include:

Cloud based wireless network management: The controller-less AP-8100 can be managed remotely yet securely by ProximVision ES network management software for rapid network deployment, advanced security, mobility, and system-wide visibility

Up to 8 Virtual AP (VAP) per radio module, with each VAP getting its own SSID and BSSID, multicast rate, security level, QoS level, VLAN ID, and maximum number of associated clients

20 and 40 MHz channel support

Cell size support: artificially change receiver threshold to avoid ambient noise

WDS (Wireless Distribution System) with optimization mode: allows the creation of an RF point to point link between two access points (including with Proxim-s other ORiNOCO access points)

Security feature set including WEP, TKIP and AES encryption based on 802.11i standard with 802.1x Radius based authentication and Local or Radius based MAC address authentication

Wireless Multimedia Extension based on 802.11e EDCA standard

Packet Forwarding: forward all wireless packet toward a gateway which is useful in hotspot environment and advance filtering based on MAC address, TCP/UDP port or protocol

Comment from Proxim

“We know that there are other access points available for purchase in the marketplace,” said Lee Gopadze, President and CEO of Proxim Wireless. “Competition is good as it demonstrates that there is a robust demand for products like these. Proxim-s ORiNOCO product line has always been recognized for its combination of performance and value, and we have just raised the bar even higher. We invite customers and potential customers to compare the combination of user features and value offered by our AP-8100 product with any competitive product in the market. We are confident in the outcome.”

Pricing and Availability

Proxim designed the AP-8100 product to enable a compelling price point for its customers. The list price of the AP-8100 starts at US $399, significantly below competitive products. The product is now available for purchase via Proxim-s authorized distributors and value added resellers. Additional information about this product or any or Proxim-s other products can be found at or by contacting .

Proxim Wireless Corporation (PINKSHEETS: PRXM) provides and 4G wireless network technologies for wireless internet, video surveillance and backhaul applications. Our and product lines are sold to service providers, governments and enterprises with over 2 million devices shipped to 250,000+ customers in more than 65 countries worldwide. Proxim is ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information, visit . For investor relations information, e-mail or call +1 413-584-1425.

Statements in this press release that are not statements of historical facts are forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. Our actual results may differ materially from the results anticipated in these forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could contribute to such differences including difficulties in overcoming the network installation and operational challenges relating to any specific customer or geographical area; factors beyond our control such as weather, geographic, governmental, and interference issues that may increase the costs and difficulties of wireless deployments; specific requirements of a given customer in their specific situations; whether the deployment will achieve the desired objectives of any given customer; and difficulties or delays in supplying products with the features, performance, compliances, certifications, cost, price, quality, and other characteristics desired by customers. Further information on these and other factors that could affect Proxim-s actual results is contained in the filings made by Proxim with the OTC Markets (available at ), including without limitation in the Annual Report filed by Proxim on March 30, 2010, and is and will be contained in its other public statements, which may be available on Proxim-s website ().

Dave Renauld
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Proxim Wireless
Phone: (413) 584-1425

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