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Brandcast(TM) Launches to Deliver Total Web Coverage(TM) to All Brands

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (Marketwired) — 04/17/13 — Brandcast, a simple yet powerful service that can help any business establish a consistent cross-channel Web presence, today announced a Series A round of financing led by Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff and the public availability of its service. Brandcast-s beta service will be free for the first 1,000 sign-ups for one year.

New technology constantly expands the areas and techniques brands use to interact with customers across the Web. A mobile-ready website, social profiles, online stores and review sites are just some examples of technological factors that can make or break a business. Beyond the hurdle of getting online in the first place, the speed of innovation can be overwhelming, and brands often struggle to keep pace with changing trends and new expectations. In fact, 40% of businesses don-t have a presence online whatsoever.

Brands need Total Web Coverage to support all the ways people interact with the brands they love. This means engaging in conversations, publishing content and delivering marketing messages to target audiences across every relevant channel and device. In closed beta since late 2012, Brandcast delivers Total Web Coverage by getting brands online, connecting them with people and helping them channel their identity.

“Brandcast not only creates an online destination for your brand, but also has built-in mechanisms for driving traffic to that destination,” said Hayes Metzger, Brandcast founder and CEO. “It-s simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough for huge companies to pull enterprise content management into the cloud.”

Madeline Ripa, Saint Louis University Health Clinic Organizer
“We believed we had an amazing cause and Brandcast gave us a canvas to present it and the means to share it. After seeing what we were up to, not only did people want to donate money, they wanted to donate their time.”

Sandra Durkin, Craft Retailor
“It takes time to maintain a separate website, blog, Etsy shop, not to mention all of the social channels. Brandcast lets me use my time more effectively by pulling my online channels together, and makes it effortless to keep up with everything, even for me, the non-tech-savvy user.

Michael Lynch, Filmmaker
“I need to change my website as quickly as I change my Twitter status. My online channels are always relevant with updated content… and that-s what I get excited about.”

Kate, Realtor
“I LOVE the fact that I can build a site for every home so fast and easy. I used to have to plan ahead and cross my fingers that my web designer would be able to turn around my website as fast as I needed it. Now the control is in my hands. I just make changes if I want to. It-s been a game changer for me.”

Organize all the content and information that is important to your brand in one place that you can access from all the other Brandcast tools. We-ll make sure it is formatted properly for every device and service where it might be used.

Brandcast distributes stories and content — from photos and videos to catalogs, testimonials and contact information — across every channel and device where customers connect with brands. It-s an accessible and affordable way to build a broad Web presence instead of using a patchwork of solutions.

Current integrations with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and online marketplaces such as Etsy allow users to pull in and push out content across the Web, building a consistent Web presence and maximizing reach to customers with just a few keystrokes.

Tell us what other services you use so we can pull in the content you-ve created elsewhere. Brandcast is built from the ground up to integrate with new social networks and services as they emerge. This commitment to the cutting edge ensures that brands will be able to adapt their strategy as trends change and will be poised to engage their fans wherever they are online.

Make sure you are expressing yourself everywhere people might be looking for you. Publishing to a website is a good start, but publishing to mobile, social and other channels puts your brand out there and brings you closer to achieving Total Web Coverage.

Don-t be a stranger or settle for a stagnant audience. Keep in touch with people and let them use your brand as a reason to connect and enjoy themselves.

Get a simple yet complete view of what is going on with your brand online. We-ll deliver the information you need and help you to make sense of it.

Sign up online; no experience required.

To sign up, visit .

Brandcast lets brands manage their content, connect all their services and ensure their unique identity is properly expressed in people-s online experiences. Brandcast helps brands build comprehensive Total Web Coverage with publishing, messaging and analysis to expand their community across the Web. Brandcast is backed by Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, who led the company-s seed and Series A rounds of financing. For more information, visit .

Nick Shepherd or Lauren Scherr


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