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Revolution in the Living Room: FabCon 3.D Touches the Modern Nerve

ERFURT, GERMANY — (Marketwired) — 04/17/13 — The new technology highlight in the Erfurt Exhibition calendar is FabCon 3.D — the platform for Makers and 3D-Printers that touches the modern nerve. Almost four weeks before its start, Germany-s first Personal Fabrication Convention in the industry is being saluted and its ever increasing fan base of 3D-Printers is showing increasing interest.

Around 25 exhibitors — from manufacturers of commercial 3D-Printers to the suppliers of required materials — will present the most recent trends of this new billion dollar market* on the 14. and 15. May 2013. On the tightly packed exhibiton area gather MakerBot (USA), Ultimaking Ltd. (Netherlands), fabbster (Bavaria), alphacam (Baden-Wuerttemberg), Helian Polymers (Netherlands), German RepRap (Bavaria), fabtory (North Rhine-Westfalia), FABBEO (Berlin), EKONS (Rhineland Palatinate) or 3dDinge.de (Bavaria) as well as significant manufacturers and service providers of the still manageable branch from Germany and from abroad.

3D Schilling from Sondershausen, the leading company from Thuringia, will be presenting at the premiere Exhibition. Accompanying this are numerous registrations from interested parties from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“The FabCon 3.D will present, for the first time, the latest hype surrounding Fabber, Maker and 3D-Pinters in a German speaking environment on a more than adequate platform and will also show how a 3D-Print collection holds up in a typical German living room. This Technology will now revolutionise our everyday life, after finding its place first in industrial production technology”, of this Erfurt-s Exhibition Managing Director Wieland Kniffka is certain.

The convention focusses on the specialist end user, on interested parties who plan to purchase a 3D-Printer (i.e. Architects, Fashion Designers, Restorers), on representatives of the education sector as well as the ever-growing Maker Community. A two day workshop and lecture program as well as an evening exhibition party, allowing for excellent networking opportunities to round off the exhibition. In probably the smallest auditorium in Germany — the exhibition restaurant “Cube” — recognised speakers from the Industry, Universities and the Community will offer both introductory lectures on the topic 3D-Print, including best practice examples, as well as technologically demanding specialist topics.

The creative place where one can be inventive is the “FabLab-Area” — connected to the main exhibition area. This place is the approach and presentation point for FabLabs and open workshops from Germany. There will also be an open high-tech work shop with the aim of presenting the visitors with information about the industrial production processes of some highly individualised pieces, as well as being a space for questions and discussion. The Erfurt convention has provided FabLab participants with an attractive environment including the mobile and technical requirements such as WLAN, as well as offering free entry for both days, incorporation in the frame program and a comfortable overnight space in the Indoor-Maker-Camp! The host is FabLab Thuringia.

Parallel to FabCon 3.D over 60 exhibitors of machines and equipment present at the specialist exhibition Rapid.Tech in the Exhibition Hall Nr. 2, who will clarify to the interested visitors the industrial process involved in Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing. In the centre of the Rapid.Tech specialist program the specialist forums “Aviation”, “Medical Technology” and “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology ” are also to be found.

For Wieland Kniffka it is the perfect combination: “While FabCon 3.D specifically caters to private users and interested parties, Rapid.Tech focusses on the industrial uses of this technology. We are by far and wide the only exhibition location where both fields are completely covered!”

* The 3D-Printer specialist consulting company Wohlers Associates estimates the market volume of the 3D-Print branch including service providers 3D-Print in 2012 reaching 2.2 Billion Dollars and in 2015 it is predicted to reach 3.7 Billion Dollars.

Thomas Tenzler
T: 0361 400 1500

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