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AMAG, CyberLock, HP, ImageWare Systems, and Tiber Creek Partners Discuss Security Solutions in SecurityStockWatch.com Interviews

RYE BROOK, NY — (Marketwired) — 05/03/13 —

Mr. Robert Sawyer, President & CEO, AMAG Technology, Inc., told us, “AMAG-s Symmetry Security Management System provides a powerful integrated solution for organizations requiring automated security. Solutions are available for facilities of any size — from small offices requiring just a few card readers or cameras to large corporations or high security facilities spread over multiple sites and countries. In addition to our Symmetry access control software and intelligent controllers, we offer Symmetry Video Management with Visualizer Encoders and Symmetry Intrusion Detection to provide our customers with a total solution. We just launched our brand NEW Symmetry SR Controller retrofit solution and our own network camera line, truly making AMAG a one stop shop for a total security solution. In addition, we integrate with best-in-breed technology partners in the industry to offer in-demand solutions to our customers.”

SecurityStockWatch.com: For those end users that need to retrofit and upgrade their out-of-date security system, what is the solution AMAG brings to this particular issue?

Bob Sawyer: AMAG just launched our brand new Symmetry Series Retrofit (SR) Controller to offer an affordable retrofit solution for customers who are facing product end of life scenarios or expensive upgrades. Our Symmetry SR Controller allows a customer to reuse their existing readers, cards and wiring infrastructure, saving them money and time during their retrofit upgrade. The controller is a form factor that utilizes a pluggable backplane architecture. Once upgraded the customer will enjoy all the benefits a Symmetry SMS has to offer: access control, IP video, IDS, unlimited expansion as needed and backward compatibility. The cost to install and maintain is a fraction of our competitors.

For the complete interview with Mr. Robert Sawyer, President and CEO, AMAG Technology:
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A number of advanced hardware and software features have been added to the CyberLock system since it was first introduced to the market in 2000. However, not all of the innovative ways to utilize CyberLock have come from our engineers. A number of them have come from our customers and how they have implemented CyberLock. Most recently, a North American delivery company used the CyberLock system in a unique way to implement location-based access control.

The company transports large containers filled with goods on behalf of their customers to locations all over the country. All parties in the supply chain were seeking to improve security and traceability of the delivered goods. They liked the fact that CyberLock enabled them to quickly and easily restrict access to the goods so that only approved employees could access the containers. However, they were interested in implementing location-based access control. Specifically, they wanted delivery drivers to only have access to the cargo bays when the trucks arrived at their scheduled delivery location.

A standard CyberLock deployment of keys and padlocks would restrict when the driver could access the truck cargo bay, but it doesn-t restrict where they can access the cargo bays. Rather than attempt to introduce and integrate a complicated GPS based system, the client simply installed CyberPoints at each of its delivery locations. Then, they implemented the Temporary Activation feature of the CyberPoint. Now, when the drivers arrive at the delivery location, they must present their CyberKey to a CyberPoint which gives the key temporary authorization to access the cargo bay. In addition, the company was able to gather valuable information about how long each driver is at a delivery site by having the drivers touch the CyberPoint just before departing their locations.

For more information about CyberLock products: .
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Mr. Todd Musselman, Senior Manager, Global Identity Practice, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services, told us, “HP offers extensive Identity and Access Management solutions to help our clients address the challenges unique to their risk tolerance and environment. We assist customers in addressing fraud prevention by reducing risks related to the insider threat of privileged users, as well as the prevention of fraudulent activity through Identity Proofing and Identity Verification. For cost reduction and simplification, we help customers realize significant benefits in automating the business processes for requesting, approving, granting, and revoking user account access to applications and systems. We provide identity compliance solutions that automate and enhance the user/system access review and recertification processes. In addition, we offer many of our solutions in a cloud model, which simplifies the IT infrastructure and reduces heavy upfront investment costs.”

For the complete interview with Mr. Todd Musselman:

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Mr. Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare, told us regarding ImageWare-s recently announced deal with Fujitsu, “Fujitsu and ImageWare see the intersection of three fast moving trends, Mobile, Cloud and Biometrics, creating both a need and an opportunity. As more products, goods, services and data are stored in the Cloud and increasingly accessed through mobile devices security is a paramount concern. We live in a world where Identity theft happens every 3 seconds so security is no longer an -option- it is a necessity. Fujitsu and ImageWare have come together to provide a solution to these needs.

“Our new product suite provides our clients with a full, end to end or modular identity management product suite for mobile or desktop. These products are provisioned via a web portal, anchored by the patented IWS Biometric EngineĀ® and distributed on a very cost effective basis via the secure, world class global reach of the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform to provide the first of its kind Cloud ID Software as a Service and Platform as a Service offering.”

ImageWare Systems recently announced that “In March 2013, ImageWare entered into a contract with Fujitsu under which ImageWare will deploy a cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management offering that will be delivered on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP). ImageWare-s product suite, anchored by its patented, multi-modal Biometric EngineĀ® (BE) 2.0, will be offered on the FGCP, which is expected to be one of the world-s largest cloud platforms.

“As part of the agreement, ImageWare-s products will be licensed on a service or transactional basis. The solution is expected to be introduced in North America in the second quarter of 2013, with plans to collaborate on a global expansion model in the near future, and will target large enterprise businesses and emerging applications. The agreement, which is in addition to ImageWare-s previously announced three-year software license agreement with Fujitsu-s NuVola Private Cloud Platform, is expected to significantly increase revenues while providing greater stability and forward-looking visibility.”

“Our goal to establish a leadership position in biometric-based identity management for the cloud is becoming a reality,” said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. “By working with a leading IT innovator such as Fujitsu, ImageWare is able to quickly and efficiently enter the cloud-based arena and gain access to a broader base of clients in the commercial market. The launch of ImageWare-s products on the FGCP is a significant step for us and we look forward to a potential worldwide deployment in the near future. Further, by licensing our products on a service or transactional basis, we expect to see a significant improvement in our revenue model and eliminate our historically lumpy sales that have been difficult to predict.

“ImageWare also continued to advance the development of its biometric-secured mobile transaction technology, building upon the wireless push technology and related patents it acquired from VOCEL in the second quarter of 2012. In December 2012, the company released the first demonstration models of this mobile technology to key potential corporate users and is currently in licensing discussions with several clients.

“Integrating wireless push technology with ImageWare-s biometric solutions provides the missing security link facing a growing number of enterprises and government agencies using mobile platforms to transact business or interact with their users. The solution is applicable for healthcare, law enforcement, banking and retail, or any organization requiring highly-reliable and flexible identity verification of their mobile users.”

Miller concluded: “Our strategy to diversify ImageWare-s revenue stream and decrease our dependency upon larger government projects is beginning to gain traction. Although we will continue to pursue government contracts, our SaaS, mobile and cloud offerings in the commercial and consumer markets will provide us with a more stable, recurring revenue stream and a clearer picture of ImageWare-s long-term opportunity.”

For the complete interview with Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems, Chairman and CEO:

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Mr. John M. Clerici, Principal, Tiber Creek Partners, LLC, told us, “There are several lessons to be learned from Boston. First and foremost is no matter how well prepared we are, we remain vulnerable. Second, while there has been proper focus on biological, chemical and nuclear preparedness, we continue to be attacked with traditional explosives — from 9/11, to Madrid, to London to Bali, to Times Square, each time, the terrorists have used explosives to maximum impact. Through the leadership of former Senator Joe Lieberman raising awareness of this point, BARDA has proactively initiated efforts to address thermal burns and we should see procurements for skin replacement products in the near future to help mitigate impact of these events. With regard to Ricin, while Ricin is an unlikely weapon of mass destruction, the potential for bio-weapons to appear any time and be delivered through the mail just as they were in 2001 is very real. This is yet another reason why Congress must act to fully fund Project BioShield and ensure the tremendous work of BARDA/HHS over the last 11 years is not lost.”

The SIA Government Summit brings together all facets of the security industry: executives, integrators, sales, marketing and government relations professionals. Panels are geared towards doing business with government and gaining a better understanding of the trends facing the industry, and the event provides one-on-one networking time with government and private sector insiders.

Dannel Patrick Malloy, the 88th Governor of the State of Connecticut, will be speaking at the Security Industry Association-s (SIA) Government Summit.

In the wake of the Dec. 14, 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, Gov. Malloy announced the formation of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, a 16-member commission tasked with making specific, actionable recommendations in the areas of school safety, mental health services and gun violence prevention. An interim report from the commission includes recommendations on minimum classroom security standards, threat/risk assessment, emergency response standards, identification, training, and re-funding of the Safe and Drug Free Schools program.

Gov. Malloy was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve a two-year term on the Council of Governors, a group of 10 state governors established in 2010 to address matters of national security, homeland defense, synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in the United States and matters of mutual interest pertaining to the National Guard.

PSA Security Network announced that “What Integrators Need to Know; an End-User-s Perspective” keynote address will be given by Robert W. Bastida, Regional Safety & Security Manager at Google. Mr. Bastida was listed #1 of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Security Industry in 2008 and has more than 20 years of security experience gained from top firms such as Google and Oracle.

“We are thrilled to have Bob Bastida share his unique insight to the audience PSA-TEC 2013,” said Bill Bozeman, President of PSA Security Network. “I-m sure this will be a learning experience for all integrators in the room.”

The keynote presentation titled “What Integrators Need to Know; an End-User-s Perspective” will take place Monday, May 6, 2013 during the PSA-TEC Welcome Reception at the Westin Westminster. For more information about PSA-TEC, visit .

SecurityStockWatch.com recently sat down with Bill Bozeman, PSA Security Network-s President and CEO, to discuss some common misconceptions about their signature event .

TEC stands for Training, Exhibits and Conference. PSA-TEC has all of the education you need for your entire company, all in one place. It is where you can get physical security certifications, learn from the leading minds in the industry, and explore ideas from your peers. In addition we have an exciting, full day of product and service offerings on May 8th from the security industry-s top manufacturers. Explore state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge business solutions, preparing your company for success. We also offer the industry-s best networking opportunities where you can engage with your peers and technology leaders in a fast-paced, energetic environment.

PSA-TEC is an event open to the whole security industry. You DO NOT need to be in the PSA family to take advantage of this event. TEC offers training for everyone from techs to execs! Whether you come for just the exhibit day or stay for the entire 5 days of training and networking, PSA-TEC is a can-t miss for anybody in our industry.

The value is obvious. The standard cost of PSA-TEC is $549 and includes to choose from, that-s over 400 hours, and most courses are included at no additional cost. In addition you get entrance to the May 8th exhibit hall and all evening networking events. These events range from a bowling tournament and night at a comedy improv theatre, to our signature event, Jam Session, where those in our industry gather to show us their musical talent. In addition to all of that, you will also get a full breakfast and lunch every day in addition to snack breaks every day. Where else can you get all of that for this low of a price?

We constantly strive to make this annual event fresh and new every year. In that we-ve added new courses to each track that will prove to be educational, timely and informative. Join us May 6-10 in beautiful Westminster, Colorado and experience PSA-TEC for yourself!

Visit for additional information and to Register Today!

“Join Us at Cloud Expo New York in June.

“Recent IDC research shows that worldwide spending on cloud services will grow almost threefold, reaching $44.2 billion by 2013. And a recent Gartner report predicts that the volume of enterprise data overall will increase by a phenomenal 650% over the next five years.

“These two unstoppable enterprise IT trends, Cloud Computing and Big Data, will converge in New York City at 12th Cloud Expo — being held June 10-13, 2013, at the Javits Center in New York, NY.

“As at every Cloud Expo, we are offering in New York City a vast selection of technical and strategic breakout sessions, General Sessions, Industry Keynotes, our signature discussion -Power Panels- and a bustling Expo floor complete with two busy Demo Theaters so that as a delegate you can kick the tires of solutions and offerings, and discuss one-on-one with all the leading Cloud and Big Data players what they are offering and how to make use of it in your particular situation.

“Just as Cloud and Big Data solutions will be side by side on the Expo floor, so they are in the conference program. We-re including below a tiny sampler of the breakouts you can look forward to… and if you look at the welter of company logos at the very bottom you-ll get a foretaste of the hundreds of companies in attendance on the Expo floor.

“The surest way to get yourself and your company fully -Cloud-ready- and to understand why Big Data is going mainstream is by attending Cloud Expo 2013 New York.”

See you in June! – Jeremy Geelan
Conference Chair
Cloud Expo series

Cloud Computing and Big Data will converge at 12th Cloud Expo. Cloud Expo offers a vast selection of technical and strategic breakout sessions, General Sessions, Industry Keynotes, signature discussion “Power Panels” and a bustling Expo floor. This high-energy event is a must-attend for senior technologists from CEOs on down.

Register today with “


GovSec is the nation-s premier event for Government, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement professionals looking for proven strategies and cost effective technology so they can achieve their mission of protecting our communities, critical infrastructures, and key assets.

The GovSec 2013 conference program covers:

Counter & Anti-Terrorism

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Cyber Terrorism & Cybercrime

Law Enforcement Case Studies & Tactics

Access Control & Video Surveillance

Campus Security & Life Safety

May 14 – 15.

Discover the designed specifically for government security and law enforcement professionals — like you —

Enhance your security! GovSec is the nation-s premier event for Government, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement professionals looking for proven strategies and cost effective technology so they can achieve their mission of protecting our communities, critical infrastructures, and key assets. Keynotes include General Stan McChrystal and Joe Theisman.

Register today — FREE expo pass for SecurityStockWatch Subscribers and 10% off conference prices! Use Code: EWGE01@


Taking place on the 13-16 May 2013 at the NEC Birmingham, IFSEC International is the largest event for the security industry, bringing together the entire security buying chain in one place.

Celebrating our 40th year (), we-ve been at the centre of the security industry, ensuring excellence and innovation at each groundbreaking event. This means that taking time out of your busy schedule to attend IFSEC International guarantees you-ll leave with the expertise and knowledge to ensure your business remains secure.

IFSEC International is the biggest marketplace of its kind, attracting more than () from 100 countries. This means you-ll have the opportunity to source, compare and test the latest products, finding out how these can best work for your clients or business. This is all available under one roof, ultimately saving your valuable time and resources.


After the great success of , where hundreds of IT leaders met to discuss the future of cloud computing, the Alliance is announcing . This second-annual conference for global IT managers and services and solutions providers to come together to discuss cloud adoption based on ODCA requirements.

According to our member survey, 12 percent of our membership have already deployed cloud solutions based on the ODCA usage models. will focus on sharing best practices based on these initiatives, as well as address the top challenges facing enterprises as they implement cloud computing services. The conference will be held adjacent to . GigaOM is collaborating with the Alliance as a premier media sponsor of ODCA Forecast 2013.

“With the tremendous progress toward solutions adoption, we expect Forecast 2013 attendees to experience real-world best practice sharing and networking opportunities that can translate directly to the acceleration of cloud services,” said , Open Data Center Alliance chairman and vice president of IT infrastructure at BMW.

“If our inaugural event presented an opportunity for ODCA members, along with global IT leaders and industry providers, to deepen their understanding of the Alliance-s requirements for the cloud, will offer the chance to discuss the benefits our members are already achieving.”

will feature sessions focused on top of mind issues associated with cloud deployment, including compute infrastructure as a service (CIaaS), software defined networks (SDN), and cloud security. The event will also provide a unique opportunity for participants to meet and interact with the leadership of the ODCA, made up of senior executives from some of the world-s leading IT organizations. The Forecast agenda has been uniquely cast to maximize engagement opportunities among attendees including attendee driven meet-ups, sponsor NDA executive engagements, and series of networking receptions.

Don-t miss out on this great opportunity to participate! !


The Smart Card Alliance and the NFC Forum are pleased to present NFC Solutions Summit — the leading American showcase for the burgeoning technology of Near Field Communications. NFC Solutions Summit will cover the state of this promising technology, developments in new NFC devices and add-ons, the status of the growing NFC ecosystem, the promise of NFC-enabled payments and other popular applications, NFC implementation, and American and international market forecasts.

For the first time, NFC technology is widely available in new smart phone handsets, enabling quick transactions, ticketing, digital content exchange, secure identification, social networking and communication between electronic devices. The authoritative expertise of the NFC Forum and Smart Card Alliance has created the interest and momentum necessary to bring together a broad base of industry players. The conference features leaders from every relevant sector in an interactive, instructive forum on the business issues, implementation milestones, and technology advancements happening in NFC markets.


ePassports, visas, driving licences, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti-counterfeiting, fraud detection and much more…

The event will provide a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations.

Plus, a special focus on Document Fraud Detection and Intelligent Border Control…

Now in its seventh year, this acclaimed event goes from strength-to-strength, with full endorsement from government and industry. In 2012, the event achieved a record 1300+ attendance with almost 60 countries represented. It also welcomed 350 conference attendees, almost 50 expert presenters and 91 exhibitors, up from 74 in 2011.

2013 promises to be even bigger and better…

As a global meeting point to debate cutting-edge citizen and government ID issues, why not be a part of our success story?

Network with the industry-s top movers and shakers, from both the government and industry sectors, exhibit your products and services in our impressive exhibition hall, share in a wealth of knowledge and expertise during the cutting-edge three-day conference.

SDW 2013 is the -number one- international event for technology suppliers, security document printers, infrastructure providers and integrators in the fast-moving security document market place. SDW 2013 is owned by Science Media Partners Ltd and is run in association with the Security Document World news-portal. Science Media Partners Ltd is an innovative British publishing and events company based in West Berkshire, England. Its ethos is to provide quality events and editorial products with an emphasis on value and building long-lasting industry partnerships.

For details on how to exhibit, sponsor, submit a speech synopsis or attend our event then please contact:
Mark Lockie, Event Director and Programme Chair, Tel: +44 (0) 1189 844932, Email:
Janine Bill, Exhibition and Sponsorship Manager, Tel: +44 (0) 1189 843209, Email:

Join us 21-23 May 2013 and hear from more than 50 international speakers from across the security document, border control and anti-counterfeiting industries. The full programme can be viewed at:


Delegates attending the conference will learn how to navigate privacy laws in the United States, including California-s App Privacy Law, as well as globally with EU privacy laws and emerging regulation across Asia and South America. Hot topics regarding emerging technologies will be explored, including pros and cons of BYOD, latest techniques to best reach potential customers and security risk of cloud computing.

Enjoy sessions such as:

Reviewing the latest regulatory updates to HIPPA to avoid compliance pitfalls
Presented by: CVS Caremark

Creating a cohesive privacy policy that will meet global regulations when operating in multiple countries
Presented by: Avon Products, Inc.

Creating an inventory of personal data, processes and data flows
Presented by: HSBC

Join industry professionals from companies including: Walmart, AOL, Citi, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, Farmers Group Inc. and more!

For further information contact Sara Matuszak at 312-540-3000 x6683 or


For details:

This Report is the NEW 2012 Definitive Resource for Physical Security Market Research & Investment Analysis.

Why do you need this report?

Learn how the industry is reforming in order to develop new security products and systems which will satisfy what end users need to reduce operating costs and move security from a cost center to one that delivers a Return on Investment.

Review the Future of Emerging Technology Drivers. The shift from analog to IP has accelerated through the recession, as both manufacturers and consumers focus their spending on technology that can be scalable and deliver IT Convergence to meet existing and future requirements. Game changing technologies which are expanding future business opportunities include: Wireless, Video Surveillance as a Service () and Managed Video (), Situational Awareness technology including Analytics, and .

There is an enormous latent demand for physical security products waiting to be exploited in the emerging markets of the world. China for example currently has a penetration of one sixth of the USA but this stood at one tenth in 2011, so the Chinese market is growing rapidly by using up this latent potential.

Within its 186 pages and 19 charts and tables, the report sieves out ALL the key facts and draws conclusions, so you can understand what is shaping the future of the physical security industry.
Order your copy online for immediate access —

This Report is a Definitive Guide to Assessing the Future of this Fast Growing Business.
What is the Future Potential of the Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Business?
Within its 89 pages and over 10 charts and tables, the report delivers key information to industry executives and investors.
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