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BrightContext 2.0 Introduces FunnelCake, an Easy-to-Use Language on Top of Storm for Real-Time Stream Analytics

ARLINGTON, VA — (Marketwired) — 07/23/13 — , a leader in real-time stream analytics, today unveils its 2.0 platform, designed to allow enterprises to instantly draw actionable conclusions from streaming data. BrightContext 2.0 performs complex, multi-step data stream processing operations with its FunnelCake scripting language built on top of Storm, the real-time computation engine open sourced by Twitter. These new features make it even easier to take large “fire hose” streams of data and instantly convert them into actionable intelligence.

Due to the cost and complexity associated with real-time analytics, many organizations forego this technology and settle for less-effective, approximate insights. BrightContext 2.0 dramatically simplifies instant stream data analysis enabling enterprises to unlock value trapped in unanalyzed or out-of-date data sources. With an account on BrightContext-s cloud service and FunnelCake, users can now harness the power of a massively-parallel, elastic, stream-processing backend with just a few lines of script — eliminating the need to do a lot of lower-level programming and server management. BrightContext 2.0 works on demand, supports any data source and works with most systems for easy integration.

“As data volumes continue to grow at rates of 40-50 percent per year a platform that can manage the speed, size and evolving varieties of this data is essential. BrightContext 2.0 offers the right combination of simplicity and power,” said John Funge, CEO of BrightContext. “Now, BrightContext customers can connect up new high-volume data sources and use FunnelCake to perform sophisticated analytic processing within minutes. Businesses need this agility to stay ahead of the complex and ever-changing data environment of the future.”

BrightContext provides the filtering and aggregation capabilities behind some of today-s most innovative real-time applications. With BrightContext 2.0, companies across any industry including financial services, retail, mobile, healthcare and media can now enjoy an even more robust tool with key product updates, including:

FunnelCake Scripting Language: FunnelCake is an easy, powerful language for defining stream data processing. Using just a few lines of FunnelCake, a user can perform complex, multi-step data stream processing operations across BrightContext-s massively scalable, parallel processing platform.

More Powerful QuantChannel: Includes new operators to support text parsing, in-stream data manipulation and computing metrics.

More Flexible ChannelWrite: Users now have greater flexibility in configuring how BrightContext stores analytic output from channels. Customers can also now define indices and more flexibly query stored data.

BrightContext 2.0 incorporates scalable data push enabling results to be instantly transmitted to any number of users. BrightContext 2.0 supports SSL encrypted communication over its data channels for simple, fast and secure insights. The updated platform also makes it incredibly easy to create output streams that can feed downstream systems enabling more effective use of important data sources (such as clickstream data) throughout an organization.

BrightContext includes an API and SDKs to quickly integrate apps (PC, tablet, smartphone, sensors and other devices) with the BrightContext backend as well as dashboards to easily set up and manage projects on the platform.

BrightContext 2.0 is available today at .

BrightContext is a massively scalable, cloud-based data stream processing platform that makes it easy to deliver real-time stream analytics from any data source. Trusted by major companies for high-visibility applications, BrightContext is used for stream analytics, live visualization, monitoring, and generating alerts from high-volume data sources such as: web click and activity data, mobile activity data, social media, audience sentiment data, point-of-sale data, and transactional data. BrightContext is self-service and easy-to-use, and works in most any environment — providing the agility to deliver immediate insight in an increasingly fast-paced, data-driven world. BrightContext is headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information, please visit .

Chris Fucanan
H3O Communications


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