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Mobile Development for Business

Mobile software development of enterprise applications is a trending topic and high-demanded service in the software industry. Even the relatively conservative corporate sector is starting to embrace mobile applications for business use. In many companies, employees always have their own tablets and smartphones with them, and it is much wiser to allow them use it for the job than to complain about their distraction power. The infiltration of mobile devices in the working space have lead to a new “bring your own device” policy, which already is or will soon be implemented in about a half of large enterprises.

Researchers report rapid growth for use of mobile applications in the workplace. More than half of organizations that took part in the research said that they are going to increase investments in mobile solutions. Software companies that are engaged in mobile development have already developed portfolios of corporate software solutions for mobile use. Such products are rising in importance, stimulated by the “backend as a service” trend among large corporate software suppliers.

Implementation of enterprise mobility strategy has several consequences most of which are beneficial for the company. Firstly, it is the chance to get as much productivity from the employee as it is possible. The corporate mobile phone is not only for making and receiving calls, it can be used for information management and working on the go. It is extremely useful for sales agents, healthcare workers, delivery drivers, travel guides and many other professions that demand a lot of moving around and staying connected at the same time. For example, marketing applications can help sales representatives to create more impressive and up-to-date presentations and use updated collateral materials any time they need them. CRM support for mobile devices assist in fetching the right information on clients at any time, and project management benefits from mobile apps that can perform certain functions of it.

Secondly, enterprise mobile applications are in big demand among the middle and top management of large companies. This is another important channel of tracking and analyzing all processes and data of a big enterprise, planning work and meetings and managing appointments. The convenient form of a tablet is much better for representation and management of information, and it also looks more respectable than a common business notebook. A tablet is of big use on a business trip, and it is a detail to the image that can certainly help in winning the best deal during negotiations. Mobile business intelligence applications offer valuable information on first request, like expenses reports or statistics on the company-s profits divided by several criteria. Finally, applications for human resources department allow tracking all data on employees and provide the most current data on the going projects.

Many companies ask for mobile development services, as this area of knowledge is too specific for in-house development. There are plenty of possibilities to outsource mobile programming: offshore software developers raise barriers for their competitors by gaining expertise while accomplishing more specific and challenging projects. Most of them ensure efficient delivery of heavy duty applications for enterprise use. IT companies benefit from partnership with enterprises, and development of mobile application for business becomes the main direction for many of them.

The number of mobile apps in the world is exploding, and mobile programming becomes profitable and useful occupation. Mobile service providers focus on challenge brought about by the constant growth of mobile applications usage, and corporate communications are being adjusted to this fast-developing trend. There is a lot of innovation in this sphere, and in the enterprise sector as well. Most likely, in several years every respected company will have a mobile application or several of them.

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