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Training Your Agents Increases Customer Satisfaction and Lowers Employee Churn

Irvine, California – Versadial Solutions, a Call Recording Company, has expanded on their quality control module.

“We continue to recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and how it correlates to increased sales and customer retention.” stated Corey Tolmasoff, Marketing Director of Versadial Solutions. “We focused on our quality control module and improved a lot of its functionality and features, allowing more of a cooperative and engaging structure for training and coaching. “

The Quality Control module now allows managers to share their tests with anyone within the company, and retain a history of communication regarding specific recordings. Managers are able to create an unlimited number of tests with any type of criteria and grading style. When conducting the test, we now allow managers to bookmark specific parts of a recording and attach them to a question. This allows users reviewing the test to quickly find within the recording why a particular questioned received that score.

With the improved interface for the quality control module, the ability to proactively train agents in a more targeted manner has also helped to lower employee churn. Employees who feel there is no direction or guidance from upper management will often times get frustrated and leave for other opportunities. This causes a strain on management, as they need to spend the time and money to re-hire a new employee.

By actively training agents to handle specific situations during a call or event, the employee will grow more confident and comfortable handling disgruntled customers.

Sales managers will also have an advantage when using a quality call recording system and quality control tool; it allows them to spot prospects and improve sales performance by showing the sales team a more personalized guide to better sales techniques and practices. Listening to examples of real situations provides an employee an opportunity to learn how to overcome specific objections, as well as tell when a prospect may be falling by the wayside.

Versadial’s call recording and quality control module is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving customer satisfaction and lowering employee churn. With this updated software release, the ability to share, grade, and train has become more targeted and efficient.

“We are always listening to customer feedback when it comes to training and quality control; we understand its importance, and we look forward to hearing customer feedback on how to improve its functionality” added Tolmasoff.

About Versadial Solutions
Established in 1994, Versadial has been offering call recording solutions for over 15 years. Our call recording software is affordable, reliable, easy and intuitive. Our goal and passion is to create, design and develop a call recording system that fits the needs of our customers.

Corey Tolmasoff
Versadial Solutions

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