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Storing and sharing content meets social media: Social Media Content Management by celum

celum is proud to announce an important extension to its product portfolio with the release of celum Social Media Content Management. celum Social Media Content Management (SMC) is a new kind of content management and distribution system to store, share, publish, and track multimedia content in any social media network.

celum’s Social Media Content Management system, celum LINK, provides a control panel that is used to publish content to social media networks, define its publication lifecycle, control certain content aspects (e.g., the ability to comment, share, like) and to collect content usage information (e.g., views, likes, responses). celum SMC enables users to respond to files or share them on a multitude of social media platforms without having to leave the celum interface, and it protects digital assets by dutifully enforcing content rights across the social Internet. SMC acts as a technology independent central repository for all rich content and multimedia, first and foremost video and photos and ensures that the right content is displayed on the right platform in the right region through the use of complex publication schedules, helping to execute product launches or other time critical events.

Social media networks like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook have become integral tools in the world of marketing and communications, providing the perfect complement to conventional marketing strategies. However, such systems still pose specific challenges to content management, especially concerning content distribution control.

In the 1960s and 70s active brand management started to gain widespread attention. Since then, most of the marketing world’s efforts had been concentrated on streamlining communication for multiple channels through a centralized control hub. In the late 90s victory was declared: brand management was firmly under control. But then the social Internet erupted, and the dominant structures that had been built up through the better half of the twentieth century came tumbling down. Since the advent of social media, central marketing has been losing control over content, corporate design and the timing of brand-related communication on this new grand stage of marketing.

One of the challenges marketers face in crafting a classic brand or product experience in this new digital realm is that potential customers still clamor for a physical experience. It is marketing’s job to recreate that same rich experience in the virtual realm, whether customers are on a desktop, laptop, cellphone, or tablet. In order to breathe life into the customer’s online experience, technicalities like size, resolution and asset availability should not be the primary concern for marketers; the time and resources should be used to ensure that the customer is able to connect to the brand and have an authentic product experience.

Marketing has always been defined by AIDA: Attract customers, pique their Interest, create Desire and get them to take Action and make a purchase. Today, the goals are the same, but the challenges inherent in a virtual, highly diversified, dynamic and hardly controllable environment have changed. celum Social Media Content Management is the only end-to-end solution that combines content management and content delivery to keep users in control.

“Social media has become one of the main outlets for delivering brand and product messages, helping to define the consumer experience when we think of popular products from sportswear to beverages. For marketing and channel managers, the social web poses multiple challenges: social media campaign management software is becoming more and more prevalent as social media finds its way into marketing resource management (MRM) systems. In this rapidly evolving environment, where the dominant player has yet to be defined, celum SMC provides a stable and reliable central core —you know where your content is and will be, now and in five years!” states Michael J. Kraeftner, founder and CEO of celum.

About celum Social Media Content Management
celum Social Media Content Management lets users distribute content to any system from just one central point to manage the endpoint capabilities of a variety of different platforms, e.g., YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. That is where the next generation of DAM comes in: celum’s Social Media Content Management is far more than a simple repository for pictures and videos; it is about providing effective support for the marketing community.
celum Social Media Content Management is the only one of its kind, and it can be easily extended to Product Media Management and Digital Asset Management services. For more information, please visit www.celum.com/products.

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