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Flexible Offsite Backup & Offsite Backup Services

Offsite backup is backup data that is stored at any location other than the location of the computer from which the data was backed up.

CD-ROMs and External Drives May Not Help

Many businesses backup all their critical data onto external disk(s), CD-ROMs or pen drives and these media are often stored in the office itself – probably in a filing cabinet right next to the computer from which the data was backed up. At most, some businesses would store the external backup disks at a small warehouse or leased storage facility nearby.

Studies have proved that this form of data backup is far from secure. Any disaster that destroys the computer (other than a simple computer crash), can and usually will, also destroy the backed up data. Take for instance fire, or flood or tornado or hurricane damage.

For the above reason, it is vital to store any backed up data at a location that is hundreds of miles away from the office. Storing data a few miles away may not help as natural disasters usually cover a wide area and may also destroy the location where you’ve stored the backup data.

The modern way to backup your vital data is by using offsite backup and offsite backup services in the form of automated online backup service.

Computer Network Services requires an internet connection and the data is backed onto servers provided by the online backup service provider. The backup usually happens automatically via an application provided by the service provider. For example, Belnis backups your data onto two servers located hundreds of miles apart. These servers are in turn located hundreds (probably thousands) of miles away from your office.

The backup is automated via the software provided and can be configured to suit your requirement. Should you require the backed up data, it is available to you at your finger tips. A few clicks of the mouse and you can access your data.

Statistically, backed up data is accessed more to recover accidentally deleted files than to recover from data disasters. However, every once in a while, businesses need to access the entire data to recover from disaster as happened twice in the past few months – first during the NY Floods and then during the excessive cold weather. In both instances computers (especially those used by businesses located at ground level) were severely damaged. The cold weather too destroyed hundreds of Computer Network Support.

Businesses that had availed themselves of the online, offsite backup services were able to download the entire data onto their new hard drives and were able to restart from where they left-off before the disaster. This saved them tens of thousands of dollars in terms of man-hours that would otherwise have been lost.

Belnis.com has several highly flexible Offsite Data Backup Service plans. We can also customize plans to suit your specific requirement.

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