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vArmour Launches out of Stealth Mode, Unveiling Data Center Security to Protect the New Data Defined Perimeter

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — (Marketwired) — 09/16/14 — , the data center security company, today formally unveiled their security solution to protect enterprises and service providers from advanced attackers and laterally moving threats. Built for the cloud world where traditional perimeters have disappeared, vArmour helps global enterprises protect their most valuable asset — their data — wherever it resides. This is the Data Defined Perimeter. By providing visibility, control and threat defense across physical, virtual and cloud applications, vArmour protects enterprises and service providers from the tidal wave of breaches and cyber crime that is estimated to cost the global economy more than $400 billion on an annual basis.*

Compute, storage and networking have become virtualized, yet security remains locked in legacy, hardware-centric perimeter models that cannot scale to meet modern business requirements and systems architecture. Over 50 percent of workloads in the data center are now virtual. This creates tremendous cost savings and IT agility, but it exposes visibility and control gaps in classic location-based perimeter security models. Virtualization and cloud have changed the nature of traffic flows themselves — 83 percent of traffic now travels “east/west” within the data center, never being seen by the traditional perimeter, creating an entirely new dynamic for today–s agile enterprise.

Advanced attackers now exploit these critical gaps in visibility and control inside the data center, with the median living inside enterprise networks for 243 days before detection.** Attackers are finding ways past traditional perimeters by compromising low profile assets, then moving laterally across the data center to critical enterprise assets to siphon off company and customer data. Stopping the seemingly endless wave of data breaches requires a new approach to security, an approach architected from the ground up for the cloud.

“Today–s large and complex data centers pose new security challenges but also enable new and innovative solutions. Businesses need a granular, flexible, cloud-designed solution that drives dynamic software-based security controls deep into the data center,” said Peter Christy, Research Director at 451 Group. “Cloud-purposed and virtualized security promises huge and needed benefits for the enterprise, but present large technical and business model challenges for legacy architecture security products.”

vArmour–s data center security solution breaks the cycle of malicious attacks and security breaches by delivering a consistent layer of visibility and control across virtual, cloud and physical applications, thus filling the traditional protection gaps inside the data center. With vArmour, enterprises can understand an attack–s progression across the entire network, identifying both the extent of the compromise as well as “Patient Zero” — the attacker–s point of entry into the network. The vArmour solution provides distributed sensors and enforcement points in a single logical system that scales horizontally, delivering superior security with simple operations. This revolutionary approach provides organizations immediate insight into their data center risk profile, as well as the tools to control and prevent breaches without requiring changes to their existing policies or IT infrastructure.

“vArmour–s scalable data center security solution provides us with many operational benefits like live migration, disaster recovery and high redundancy,” said Dr. Chu, Senior Director at Chunghwa Telecom. “vArmour is a great partner as they demonstrate value within minutes of installation, provide customer support on a global basis, showing they are the new leaders in data center security for the agile data center.”

vArmour–s data center security solution, deployed into enterprises and service partners since early 2014, delivers a converged set of forensic and enforcement capabilities including:

– Complete visibility into every application, asset, packet and connection in the data center.

– Complex threat analytics as delivered through real-time detection and visualization of laterally moving threats.

– Business-process-aware remediation policies to contain compromised hosts and prevent exfiltration.

– Micro-segmentation and policy enforcement to isolate and control communications between applications, workgroups and tenants.

“If the new world of massive weekly data breaches and increasingly destructive and sophisticated cyber attacks has taught us one thing, it–s that existing security solutions are not stopping, or even slowing, cybercriminals– momentum. It–s not about doing security incrementally better to solve this hard problem, rather it–s time for a completely different approach to data center security,” said Tim Eades, vArmour CEO. “With enterprise customers and carrier partners on a global basis seeing value in our security solution in as little as 30 seconds after installation, vArmour is tackling the data center security challenge in a brand new way, providing significant benefits for the enterprise and turning the traditional security business and economic model upside down.”

Based in Mountain View, Calif., vArmour is the data center security company focused on securing the data-defined perimeter of enterprises. The company has raised $42 million in funding led by Allegis Capital, Citi Ventures, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures and Work-Bench Ventures. Executives from NetScreen, Juniper Networks, Silver Tail Systems, Citrix, Riverbed and IBM lead the company. Learn more at .

*Net Losses: Estimating the Global Cost of Cybercrime Center for Strategic and International Studies, McAfee, June 2014

**Source: Gartner Group, Mandiant

Bill Bode
Highwire PR for vArmour
(415) 963-4174 x49

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