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Achieve Test Prep Paves Faster, Cost-Effective Path to College Completion

Achieve Test Prep, a leading provider of credit-by-exam test prep courses, recently expanded its offerings to support students pursuing all college majors. Up until now, the organization had focused on nursing degree bridge programs. Today, ATP is paving a shorter path to college completion for students who are currently enrolled, and for those still seeking college acceptance, regardless of their chosen major.

œCollege is unnecessarily expensive,” says Mark Olynyk, CEO of Achieve Test Prep. œToday–s students” nontraditional students, in particular”are paying for campus amenities and services that in no way contribute to their success. It–s our view that if you–re capable of learning course content in a matter of weeks versus months, you should be able to forego semester-length courses… and forego their price tags, too.”

Foregoing courses means œtesting out” of general education classes like College Composition or Introductory Psychology. Using the ATP model, the average student can eliminate seven or more of these courses from his or her degree requirements, while saving roughly 50 percent on tuition fees, plus paying no cost for books. Hundreds of electives in art, science, math, history, literature, philosophy, etc. can be completed via standardized exams”including CLEP, UExcel, and DSST exams”which have been around for decades.

œThis model is not a new approach or a passing fad,” emphasizes Olynyk. œU.S. colleges have been quietly accepting standardized exam credits for years. At ATP, we–re simply adding an extra layer of student support to the process”both by preparing students to learn the exam material, and to help them succeed in an online test-taking format.”

Based on the results of ATP–s longstanding bridge programs, most of its students do, in fact, succeed. The test prep organization”not to be confused with any academic institution; ATP itself is not a college”boasts a 91 percent exam pass rate. Students who don–t succeed on their first attempt can receive supplemental test preparation at no charge. And with classes available online or on campus (across dozens of states), all taught by live instructors in real-time settings, ATP–s combination of support and flexibility exceeds even the online college experience.

œOur students know exactly where they want to take their careers,” explains Olynyk, œbut the thought of having to write term papers or learn algebra all over again is pretty daunting. We believe these gen ed requirements and all the busy work they entail”group projects, research papers, quizzes and homework”shouldn–t hold people back from the professional advancement they really care about.”

To promote this message, ATP has launched a new website, and has begun educating students about different colleges and their transfer credit policies. ATP also works with individual students to determine if they have any preexisting credits that may be transferable. For more details, read how how credit-by-examination works, and how ATP streamlines the process.

About Achieve Test Prep

Achieve Test Prep is committed to providing faster, more cost-effective paths to college completion. By preparing students for standardized exams in a matter of weeks versus months, ATP helps them bypass the added cost, class time, and busy work of a traditional college program. ATP–s test preparation classes are uniquely effective in that they are taught by live instructors”either onsite or online”so students always have access to real time interaction. Classes are available during days, nights, and weekends to provide students with the most convenient scheduling options.

Achieve Test Prep is not an institution of higher education; it simply facilitates the transfer credit process between students and hundreds of well-known colleges and universities. ATP maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information visit www.achievetestprep.com

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