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Corsa Enables Virtual Services Delivery on New DP2000 10G/100G Network Hardware Virtualization Platform

OTTAWA, ON — (Marketwired) — 05/16/16 — Delivering true at-speed hardware virtualization, , the leader in performance SDN switching, today announced Corsa data planes enabling a state-of-the-art virtual switching environment.

Corsa enables virtual services delivery for GEANT on new DP2000 10G/100G network hardware virtualization platform:

The Corsa hardware platform allows network service providers to partition the Corsa hardware into multiple independent virtual SDN switches coexisting on the same platform with each operating at full line-rate performance — even at 100Gbps. The hardware, with open, standard programming interfaces, allows network architects and operators to slice their network switching elements into virtual switching and routing instances providing customers with tailored virtual SDN environments with full network flow spaces, under customer control, and with internet-scale and performance.

Working in collaboration with GEANT, the pan European research networking consortium, and building from the results of GEANT R&D in SDN and on-going work with Corsa SDN pipelines, the Corsa virtualized SDN platform now makes it possible for a network administrator to create virtual network environments that users can operate as their own at-speed virtual switching or routing network. The user–s virtual service instance behaves with all the scale and performance of a stand-alone physical 10G or 100G switch. The virtual instance operates with full independence, implementing any user specified OpenFlow 1.3 protocol control primitive or flow specification on their logical switch while being fully isolated from other virtual instances sharing the same hardware platform. Using true hardware virtualization, multiple dedicated OpenFlow capable networks, serving different user applications and communities, can co-exist in parallel — transparently sharing common hardware. Thus both extending full and direct control to those client applications that require it while simultaneously delivering a greater ROI on the hardware CAPEX investment of the service provider.

This ability to virtualize OpenFlow switching facilities is just one of many applications where true hardware virtualization has greatest impact. Network operators can equally use at-speed 10G and 100G virtualization for NFV, where firewalling, IP routing, and Layer 2 bridging can each exist within their own Virtual Service Instance. Multi-Tenancy of different controllers can now co-exist on the same hardware platform at full line rate, with Internet Scale tables. This brings huge gains in service velocity and redefines how network operators deliver subscriber-level networking and real-time network tuning to the WAN and metro edge. Virtualization allows improved returns on CAPEX investment as multiple customers can share the same hardware infrastructure. Another important implication of the Corsa virtualization is the ability for providers to now perform grooming and migration of customer networks to more effectively utilize the infrastructure, to perform maintenance, or for fault mitigation. The operator can migrate a customer from one platform to another without forcing the user application layer involvement and without physical recabling in the PoP or data center.

“Creating user driven dynamic environments with virtualized switch creation is just one example where you can leverage true hardware virtualization,” Jerry Sobieski, Activity Leader for GEANT Network Services Development. “True hardware virtualization allows us to deliver new operational service models. Dynamic and application-specific SDN network environments can be created in seconds — spanning many service providers and across a global footprint — and all under direct user control. We can even create virtual switches with port counts that exceed the physical platform on which they exist. Fully virtual switching instances are a very powerful new extension to conventional SDN capabilities — far superior to traditional port delegation. Disaster recovery, service migration, and system upgrades can all be implemented using VSI migration, without creating any service interruption or changes to the customer–s OpenFlow switching running within the VSI. We think this has a particularly positive impact on distributed multi-domain SDN applications. We see virtualized service environments as being just the beginning now that we have the physical and logical network separation working with full hardware performance at such high bandwidth.”

The performance SDN platform is equipped with Corsa–s advanced traffic management and QoS features which control and shape traffic within each virtual service instance at the per-flow level. Traditionally, advanced QoS and shaping have only been included with Core Internet Routers. Corsa–s QoS and shaping on VSI driven logical circuits is an industry leading change for traffic management. Network operators can fine-tune traffic paths to ensure individual customers, applications, or other distributed services receive their committed bandwidth and throughput. In addition, per flow statistics for all traffic is available, offering unprecedented real-time network insights at the most granular level and enabling any manner of predictive traffic management or security.

“We have been very impressed with GEANT–s vision for hardware virtualization of SDN switches and their ability to build-out infrastructure with such advanced features,” said Yatish Kumar, CTO of Corsa. “Our collaboration is creating new innovations for open, programmable networking. It is important for this large network to be able to optimize hardware use by dynamically creating high-speed, line-rate virtual services for their researchers– needs and then returning those hardware resources to a common pool when the research is complete. We are really excited with this particular use of hardware virtualization. Allocating and sharing of resources on an as-needed basis dramatically improves availability of virtual service environments and enables a wide variety of advanced research.”

Corsa–s multi-context hardware virtualization and advanced traffic engineering features help network operators take full advantage of SDN and build better networks with:

True network hardware virtualization enabling logical L2 and L3 network services via standard OpenFlow protocol and SDN control principles.

Subscriber-level internet scale networking with per flow traffic engineering and advanced traffic management

Real-time network insights with per-flow traffic monitoring statistics

Multi terabit throughput with switch stacking

Open SDN programmability at multiple abstraction levels

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Corsa Products:

Corsa Technology is a networking equipment company delivering WAN-scale open, programmable SDN hardware platforms to customers worldwide. To enable innovative service offerings, better service level assurance and network management, Corsa SDN switching and routing platforms feature true hardware virtualization with dynamic, programmable traffic management and line-rate per-flow forwarding at internet scale.

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