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Tempered Networks Secure Network Fabric Eliminates IT Complexities

SEATTLE, WA — (Marketwired) — 05/24/16 — , the pioneer in Identity-Defined Networking, has announced its Identity-Defined Network (IDN) Fabric that delivers new levels of security, scale and flexibility to address enterprise connectivity needs. The IDN Fabric is enabled by the newest release of the Tempered Networks platform, which gives enterprise IT staff more ways to seamlessly and dynamically extend trusted connectivity to any IP-enabled endpoint. The secure fabric cloaks the enterprise–s fluid perimeter, providing baked-in security, micro-segmentation, and resiliency to seamlessly safeguard business critical assets and endpoints — wherever they are located — across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Today–s announcement affords customers the benefits of secure software-defined networking and hybrid cloud computing.

Tempered–s IDN Fabric offers a broad set of new HIPservices, deployable across enterprises growing hybrid infrastructures. A tightly-integrated API facilitates automated integration with networking tools bringing unprecedented ease-of-use to previously complex workloads like self-provisioning portals, adaptive defensive networks, and data center redundancy. The new secure network fabric builds on Tempered Networks– core HIPswitch technology that provides trust gateways using unique, cryptographic identities only accessible by explicitly whitelisted systems or endpoints. The fabric is a mesh of trust gateways and dynamic encrypted tunnels that are centrally managed through an automated orchestration engine. With the new IDN Fabric, these capabilities can be seamlessly extended to provide elastic security services, without the complexity typically associated with mapping security controls to other network segments across the hybrid enterprise.

“Tempered Networks is making a transformative impact on secure networking that is sorely needed as cyber crime and cyber warfare skyrockets,” said Jeff S. Hussey, CEO of Tempered Networks. “The complexity of today–s networking and security solutions only exacerbates the problem for CIOs and CSOs, rather than fixing it. Tempered Networks Identity-Defined Networking Fabric unshackles IT staff from all the tedious, error-prone tasks of managing the complexity that comes with firewalls, VPNs, VLANs, IPsec, etc. Instead, we shield users through automated orchestration of security policies and trust relationships for flawless execution.”

The Tempered IDN Fabric transcends the restrictive rules of IP networking through the use of . With HIP, security is baked-in from the start, eliminating the need to bolt on security technologies that are complex to manage. The new release of Tempered Networks Conductor and its SimpleConnect API set the bar for automated orchestration. Customers can easily manage security policies and trust relationships, achieving micro-segmentation and resiliency at scale, across heterogeneous environments.

With the announcement of its secure IDN Fabric and new platform, Tempered Networks introduces:

A RESTful API exposes the full functionality of the Conductor–s advanced orchestration engine, enabling customers to easily manage device communication policies through the fabric and automatically integrate the Tempered solution into other workloads.

. Provides a clear visual map of trusted relationships between whitelisted endpoints (i.e. device groups) to give administrators a clear picture of all connected and protected assets.

. An intuitive live dashboard makes it easy to view the inventory of HIPservices in operation, which models are deployed, and which release versions are running.

. Network throughput visualization for public and overlay networks.

A new software application that provides seamless identity for any endpoint running Windows 7 or 10. When running the HIPapp, these endpoints can securely communicate with other trusted distributed equipment, devices and services protected by Tempered overlay networks.

Enables IT staff to extend HIPswitch hardened security capabilities into virtual environments.

The HIPswitch 300v and the Conductor are now available as a virtual instance in the AWS Cloud.

The new software release for the Tempered Networks platform will be available in May 2016. Customers under current maintenance agreements can upgrade their Conductors and HIPswitches to the new 1.12 firmware at no additional charge.

“Our research at IDC continues to indicate enterprise IT is struggling to adequately manage network environments that are not only growing but are becoming increasingly complex,” said Brad Casemore, research director for datacenter networks at IDC. “IT leadership must reduce the manual ways that staff manage networks and increase the automation of tedious and error-prone networking tasks. In this respect, Tempered Networks is focused on shielding users from the management complexities of IP-based networking through automated orchestration of device policies on encrypted overlay networks. Reducing complexity is vital for IT to enhance their service levels across the enterprise.”

“In contrast to traditional firewalls with static traffic filtering rules, or IPsec gateways that encapsulate all traffic through tunnels, HIPswitches use a stronger approach,” said Dr. Andrei Gurtov, principal scientist at Aalto University in Finland. “Tempered Networks establishes secure tunnels over public Internet networks to deliver vulnerable user traffic safely, and they employ white-listing of hosts that govern use of these tunnels between cryptographic identities, protecting against unauthenticated malicious traffic. Furthermore, usability has always been an Achilles– heel of any proposed security solution, but Tempered has addressed this by focusing on providing an all-in-one platform with easy centralized management.”

“Most of our enterprise IT customers are trying to take advantage of cloud and hybrid environments, as well as supporting a growing array of devices — including non-traditional endpoints. That–s a tall order when their CSO is on a mission to reduce their network attack surface, since it–s not a trivial challenge to secure a constantly shifting perimeter,” said Craig Harper, Chief Technology Officer at Sysorex. “By expanding the footprint of its secure, identity-based HIPservices to client endpoints and into the cloud, Tempered Networks gives Sysorex a unique advantage that will help our clients significantly enhance their risk posture.”

“Traditional IT security products introduce a level of complexity at the operational level that can make it difficult or impossible to deploy and scale without impacting service or introducing risk,” said Rick Dahlstrom, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing at McNaughton-McKay Electric Company. “Tempered Networks sets the bar for usability, flexibility and scale so our customers can focus on their core operations, rather than spending ongoing cycles managing, securing and troubleshooting their networks.”

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delivers a game-changing approach that brings seamless identity and trust to hybrid enterprise networks. The company–s Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) Fabric cloaks an organization–s fluid and porous perimeter, with baked-in security, effortless micro-segmentation, and centralized automated orchestration to eliminate manual errors and ensure enterprise scale. Tempered Networks– modern approach transcends the restrictive and tedious rules of IP networking, empowering IT staff to focus more on strategic business initiatives. The proven technology was in development and production for over 10 years at a Fortune 50 company and recently commercialized. Customers in the commercial, industrial and public sectors are deploying –well-tempered– networks today. For more information go to .

You can also follow us @TemperedNW on Twitter or visit us on LinkedIn for more information about Tempered Networks and our technology.

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