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OilJobsBoard.com Promotes The Best Paid Jobs In The Energy Industry

It didnt seem long ago that the oil industry in America seemed like it was almost dead. States like Texas were the hardest hit. The Lone Star state was once a hotbed for oil activity, but quickly found itself collapsing under the crisis. Oil companies found it much more productive to bring oil from other nations and process it here instead of extracting it from the ground in and around the United States.

As of just 10 years ago, only four percent of all the oil that was used in this country was actually extracted from American territories. That meant that the overwhelming majority of oil this country needed to function came from some other country, often from nations that were hostile or lukewarm to the United States. It was because of issues like this as well as the fact that more people in the government began to fear that the United States could be held hostage by this oil imbalance that a policy change began to occur. Many within the highest levels of the United States government saw a need for the country to be able to produce a far greater amount of its own oil. That way the U.S. could provide for itself and would not be subject to any concerns should a conflict occur that would limit the import of oil from other regions of the world.

In the last ten years that policy has been implemented, and that has meant that states like North Dakota Texas and Oklahoma have greatly benefitted from the focus on domestic oil production. North Dakota production, in particular, is one of the fastest growing employment opportunities in the country. This has meant that North Dakota oil jobs have become numerous, and it is not just in oil production where these jobs have materialized. Those who provide support services are also finding gainful employment. Many towns and camps have formed where oil workers are living, and they need cooks, barbers, doctors, and many other services. This has led to tens of thousands moving to the area to find work, and they are still in need of more.

Texas is also on the rise again. Not only are new oil field workers and support staff needed, but there are also pipeline jobs in Texas that have materialized as well. These jobs require skilled manual laborers as well as those with technical backgrounds who can monitor and assist in maintaining the production of the oil and the flow of the pipeline.

As mentioned before, just 10 years ago only four percent of the oil Americans used was extracted here in the United States. Now it is almost 50 percent. That is a significant increase and with the way that the current world situation is that number will likely only increase. This means that the oil industry for jobs is just scratching the surface and is likely to continue to be on the rise.

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