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Shearline Bud Trimmer, Leading The Way In An Exploding Industry

Growers who are often confronted with a much larger crop will affirm that trimming machines can save them from unnecessary labor and the time-consuming process, which can lead them to have a decrease in productivity. However, finding the perfect trimming machine that will help in mechanizing the process of churning out trimmed bud becomes a major concern since inferior ones abound. Shearline Trimmer, a leading inventing and manufacturing company with a great team of experts has announced the availability of their two distinctive [automated trimming machines](http://www.shearline.com/products/): the Shearline Original and the Shearline 2.0., which will help Growers and entrepreneurs in increasing their output.

Shearline is a brand name in the marijuana processing industry which has been around since 1997. The company serves as the workshop and outlet for the concepts and designs of the inventor of the first trimming machine the world had ever seen, under the brand of Centurion. The machine was introduced and sold to a very skeptical, but quickly amazed and grateful community of growers and entrepreneurs.

After having made thorough research and worked tirelessly to create and develop a mechanical method of trimming buds, superior to the age old tradition of hand trimming, Ryan Hall, the founder of Shearline, invented and developed the original automated trimming machine. The machine is known for its high quality and durability to handle any intensive trimming task, thereby, reducing the amount of time spent on plant trimming.

Today, Shearline boast of two incredible machines: the Shearline Original and the Shearline 2.0, which will be having numerous advantages over its rivals on the market. The machines which are designed using state-of-the-technology come in unique shapes due to its patented single motor drive system. The motive of this unique engineering property is to help the machines function at peak levels while reducing the number of parts required to work. Also, the feature will reduce wear and tear on parts that will breakdown easily.

Ryan provides an example of how the automated [bud trimmer](http://www.shearline.com/) will operate: œBuds are sticky¦ great buds are even stickier and this is one of the greatest challenges modern trimming machines faces while trying to deliver a clean and tight cut on all sizes of buds, he explained. Old style machines have fixed blades that are impossible to clean the resin buildup from which leads to a separation of the blade to cutting reel tolerance within a few hours of start-up and that effect causes the clean sharp cutting action of the blades to become a tearing, pulling process which leads to a fuzzy, unattractive dried product. It is also very rough on the trichrome that cover the best buds.”

Regarding the Shearline Original machine, its magnetic blade holding system will allow quick removal, cleaning and replacement of the blade and since it will not be necessary to fasten it to a bed bar permanently, it will be made out of much harder steel then the lawn mower blades other trimmers uses, which means, the machine can stay sharp for years.

Shearline is keen on affecting the new generation with fantastic engineering innovations which will make trimming an easy task for Growers and entrepreneurs. The two machines: Shearline Original and the Shearline 2.0 are available for sale at exclusive prices on their site (visit www.shearline.com). About Shearline Shearline is a leading company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of mainly two automated bud trimming machines: the Shearline Original and the Shearline 2.0. They are well-known within Canada and its off-shores for the excellent services they offer to their customers. Shearline Trimmer have got a great team of professionals who have vast experience in inventing and manufacturing distinctive trimming machines and they are keen on making the world a better place through their innovative ideas. For more information about Shearline, visit www.shearline.com

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