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DataFission Unstructured Video, Image and Everything Else Search Engine Launched

A new search engine has launched that allows users to search anything digitally, from video, audio, network traffic, satellite images, radar data, malware, images as well as unstructured text, all in one search. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are still using similar technology to what they had 15 years ago. Unlike traditional search engines, searching doesn–t require further work to search the medium the user requires. DataFission created DataHunter a Digital Universe Search Engine, Ĺ“DUSE”. It is a platform that was created with the aim of providing content-based search for digital everything.

More information can be found on the DataFission website at: http://datafission.com.

The website explains how DataFission makes all unstructured data searchable, enabling meta-data free searches to gather video, image, audio, network traffic, malware or any other forms of digital data a user could wish to search. The search platform makes use of enterprise servers, the cloud and mobile indexing to enable a technology that supports IoE, or the Internet of Everything.

Through this, the site underscores how the search engine is essentially a platform that discovers associations within unstructured data, making it the equivalent of Facebook for everything on the internet.

Their site goes on to say that this kind of unstructured data search was valued at over $500 billion in 2015, and is expected to grow to $5 trillion by 2020. DataFission can provide a solution to this unstructured data problem in a variety of markets, and is designed with scalable architecture in mind in order to work with the industry–s best hardware providers, allowing it to deliver high performance computing solutions.

The company said: “DataHunter, a Digital Universe Search Engine (DUSE) is a platform that enables content-based searching for digital Ĺ“Everything”. In other words, doing for unstructured data what major search engines have done for text. The platform also makes connections, links, and associations using auto-generated content-based tagging. This allows for the equivalent of social networking for everything. From corporations to end users, we need the ability to search unstructured data to respond to real-time data and make proactive strategic decisions; especially for the mobile search market.”

The site further added: “For reference, the Unstructured Data Search Markets consists of Unstructured Search, Social Networks, Products, Sports, Deep Data Analytics, Surveillance, Image Analysis and Video Forensics, and Medical Imaging which cumulatively are valued today at over half a trillion dollars.”

Any interested parties looking to find out more information can call 408 580 0077, email: info@datafission.com or visit http://www.datafission.com

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