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ADVIA Launches Innovative New Platform to Draw Upon Real Time, In-Venue Insights; Delivers Personalized Content to Viewers at Sports / Entertainment Venues

CINCINNATI, OH — (Marketwired) — 06/27/16 — When trying to build relationships with current and prospective customers, marketers continually look for ways to develop content that resonates with consumers. So far, the conversation has been one-sided with businesses having difficulty personalizing their messages. Launching today, will change the way businesses communicate with the first and only technology that identifies the specific audience and delivers custom content in real-time.

Using a combination of visual detection, digital signature and environmental collection devices, ADVIA collects and analyzes data from event sites, including detailed audience size, behavior and demographics. ADVIA–s proprietary cloud-based software captures data in the physical space, analyzes it to identify the viewer (gender and age) and finally triggers content that will engage the viewer, allowing businesses to deliver meaningful, one-to-one content and maximize return on engagement. Data is then stored for future analysis and action.

Many companies can capture data, but ADVIA can help change the content to be most relevant to the specific viewer.

“Imagine attending your favorite sporting event or entertainment venue and seeing messages that you actually want to see and interest you,” said John DeCaprio, CEO of ADVIA Partners. “Our technology delivers the right messaging to the right audience at the right time. And, by collecting and storing data, advertisers, sponsors and other stakeholders can also continually improve the conversation and enhance the audience experience. They will be able to create more strategic marketing campaigns and truly build a one-of-a-kind experience for consumers.”

ADVIA will demonstrate its technology with partners GoVision and T1V in a “luxury suite of the future” at the Association of Luxury Suite Dealers (ALSD) Conference and Tradeshow June 26-28 in Pittsburgh. They will share the new platform with an audience of more than 150 pro and college sports arenas.

“This technology from ADVIA is a game changer for the sports world by making everything more interactive for fans and more strategic for marketers,” said Bill Dorsey, ALSD Chairman and Founder. “When you know more, you can do more. Sponsors will be able to completely personalize the fan experience and at the same time, gather important data to continually improve their content and approach to achieve greater results and responsiveness. The money being spent on new and upgraded stadiums around the US is in the tens of billions of dollars. Sponsors are looking for ways to know that the money that is being spent to engage fans is paying off. The ADVIA Partners technology can deliver that message and the data that goes with it.”

“A lot of businesses gather analytics, but it–s what you can do with the information or insights that makes our technology powerful,” continued DeCaprio. “Our goal is to help businesses increase their sales through increased engagement. We believe that providing advertisers, marketers and operators a tool to better understand consumer engagement will drive sales, loyalty and overall brand awareness.”

ADVIA has numerous pilots in test now, including Norton Outdoor Advertising, a Cincinnati-based outdoor out-of-home advertising firm. Other target verticals include: sport and entertainment events, airports, college and education market, automotive, and entertainment venues.

ADVIA Partners is a leading provider of in-venue based audience analytics. Our smart technology solutions capture real time consumer interactions, drive actionable insights, deliver personalized communications and maximize return on experience (ROE). For more information, visit .

Media Contact:

Erica Zeidenberg

925 631-0553

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