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Solgari launches Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online integration

New service helps sales and marketing harness the power of cloud voice and video communications software

WPC Toronto, 11 July 2016 – Solgari today announced the launch of its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a cloud-based business communications platform designed to reduce customer communications costs, meet compliance requirements where relevant and enhance the front-end user experience.

Unveiled at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto and available to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers immediately through trusted Solgari partners, the integrated solution allows sales and marketing teams to harness the full power of voice and video communications via its intelligent cloud-based business communications platform. The service is also fully compatible with and complimentary to Microsoft Skype for Business.

Innovations include allowing customers to reach contact centre agents using browser-based voice, video and chat communications options at the click of a button – enabling instant communication via any internet connected device, in any format, from any location and at no cost. All inbound communications are identified using IVR and/or voice verification and then routed to the correct agent groups who handle all customer interaction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Outbound SMS confirmation and compliant call and video archiving are also available to companies as required. Customers can pick and choose what they need on a SaaS basis and there are no physical infrastructure requirements.

The solution also offers a range of features for Microsoft Dynamic CRM partners looking to add value to their existing solutions, aimed at companies looking to execute quicker and smarter sales and marketing campaigns.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is at the heart of many successful businesses,” said John Colgan, Solgari CEO. “In this day and age, companies can’t afford to neglect customers or give them a service that is short of perfect in any way. They will just go elsewhere. This is why sales and marketing are always looking for new ways to make their campaigns that extra one percent smarter and more effective. Our services can go a long way to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online more powerful, opening the door to many new opportunities for our partners and customers in the process.”

Features and use cases include:

Client identification
For call centres and service desks, quickly identifying a caller’s details and requirement can vastly improve the end-user experience, as well as reducing agent costs and improving productivity. Companies can use Solgari’s IVR and voice verification capabilities to quickly ensure its callers are who they say they are and automatically identify their service requirements – ideal for organisations with heavy customer communications, strict compliance regulations or in need of additional security. For example, financial service companies, can implement two factor authentication using their customers’ voices and record speech for future playback as an anti-phishing mechanism.

Service improvement
Currently, most intelligent phone-based integrated CRM solutions start and end at phone number identification. Solgari, however, can capture anything about the caller’s requirements, intelligently routing calls from a marketing campaign to the correct agent who handles everything with Dynamics CRM. While doing so, the CRM will instantly pop the caller details with no manual interaction. Making sure callers speak to the right agents, who are empowered with all the necessary contextual information, is an effective way of ensuring a positive user experience. Likewise, the agent can move to instant face-to-face video and screen sharing communications at the click of a button, without downloads or plug-ins, giving the service a wow factor for businesses looking to build relationships with and impress prospects.

Compliance and reporting
Solgari’s call logging and archiving features enable efficient reporting of employee communications activity and tracking the ‘cradle to grave’ route of any customer communications. Likewise, the Solgari solution allows companies to archive calls if required for compliance (covers PCI DSS, FCA and SEC requirements for example) and training purposes, with sophisticated word/phrase searching options which make it easy to extract pertinent details such as in dispute resolution requirements.

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