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Are They Really #WithHer? Lightwave Measures Physical and Emotional Responses to Hillary Clinton–s Historic Democratic Nomination Acceptance Speech

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (Marketwired) — 07/29/16 — , a pioneering emotion tech company, conducted a groundbreaking study to quantify the emotional engagement of home viewers of the historic nomination acceptance speech of Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Lightwave based its analysis on the audience–s physiological responses, including heart rate, electrodermal activity (changes in the skin conductance), and motion.

Using clinical-grade wearable technology, Lightwave captured bioanalytics (heart rate, blood volume pulse, skin temperature, electrodermal activity) to derive the following insights:

Average of 8 heart-racing moments during the speech per audience member

The audience exhibited peak engagement at the beginning of the speech, dropped in engagement in the middle and rebounded in energy at the end

Of the population analyzed, Middle Eastern and Hispanic populations were the most emotionally engaged with the content

Republicans demonstrated 4.3% emotional engagement with Clinton–s acceptance speech

Clinton had an extremely high emotional engagement rate among the 55+ demographic

The 5 most emotional moments of the speech measured were:

Entering the venue, thanking Chelsea.

“For those of you that are just getting to know Tim Kaine…”

“We–ll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants…We will not ban a religion.”

“Some of you are frustrated, even furious. And you know what? You–re right.”

“America is great…because America is good.”

“Lightwave captures the emotion of the world–s most culturally and socially significant events,” said Rana June, CEO of Lightwave. “This year–s election provides an exemplary use case of our technology. Our bioanalytics technology, coupled with historical events of this nature, provides a rich, unparalleled lens into the human experience.”

The national sample audience was evenly split between male and female participants and participants self-reported their political affiliation, age range, gender, and favored candidate. This enabled Lightwave–s analysis to be further segmented by demographic and political preferences.

Conducted in individual homes, Lightwave measured participants in 7 cities:

San Francisco, California
Beverly Hills, California
Irvine, California
Sarasota, Florida
Burlington, Vermont
Dallas, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts

These viewers transmitted biofeedback anonymously in real-time to Lightwave–s software platform. Lightwave then analyzed this data using proprietary analytics and neuroscience techniques, including measuring orienting responses and heart rate variability by timecode to reveal peaks in emotional intensity during her speech.

For example, Lightwave identified highly intense moments during Clinton–s speech by corresponding changes in the audience–s heart rate, a decreased motion reading and increased skin conductance to the content presented.

“Through biometric data, we no longer need to rely solely on subjective measurements to infer the impact that the content is having on the audience,” explained June. “Now we can truly know what people want.”

To learn more about Lightwave, please visit .

About Lightwave:
Lightwave is a bioanalytics company that gathers and processes biometric data to measure emotion and engagement through the use of sensors and connected devices. This data is used to better understand and optimize physical and emotional responses to experiences — ranging from films, concerts, behavioral research and sporting events.

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