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TouchBistro and 7shifts Team Up to Drive Efficiencies in Restaurant and Bar Management

NEW YORK, NEW YORK and TORONTO, ONTARIO — (Marketwired) — 08/10/16 — TouchBistro and 7shifts today announced that their apps for the food and beverage industry are being integrated to provide greater efficiencies for restaurant management. The combination of the TouchBistro iPad point of sale (POS) solution and the 7-Shifts app for employee scheduling and management will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for foodservice establishments to plan employee shifts and manage schedules. It will deliver these benefits by automatically cross-referencing employee skillsets and availability, ensuring the equitable balancing of shift assignments, and making it easier to manage shift swapping, time tracking, and variance reporting.

TouchBistro POS app drives operations efficiency and customer service

TouchBistro brings mobile innovation to the food and beverage industry with an iPad point-of-sale solution that is designed to work as the heart and operating system of a restaurant or bar, and significantly increases efficiencies and the overall customer experience. Servers use the app to take customer orders tableside, or while patrons are in line or at the bar, and instantly transmit them to the kitchen and bartender/barista. Bills are automatically calculated and split according to the patrons– requests, and bill totals are transferred electronically into integrated card keypads or mobile wallets for payment, thereby minimizing order errors, increasing operations efficiency, and improving the overall customer experience. The TouchBistro app is consistently ranked as the top-grossing food and beverage app on the AppleĀ® App Store(SM) in 37 countries.

The TouchBistro POS app features a full suite of cloud reporting tools that address everything from seating, inventory, and sales analysis to scheduling and payroll. By integrating 7shifts functionality with the TouchBistro POS app, restaurateurs will be better equipped to efficiently manage their staffing.

7shifts streamlines employee scheduling and management

7shifts is an intuitive employee scheduling and management app for the restaurant industry. Managers of single or multi-location restaurants use 7shifts to reduce the time it takes to do manual scheduling from several hours down to just a few minutes each month. The app also helps food service managers reduce labor costs with more effective shift strategies and by reducing overtime overages.

“TouchBistro continually seeks out new partners and technology that will help to increase efficiencies and improve the bottom line for restaurants and bars owners,” said Alex Barrotti, CEO and Founder of TouchBistro. “We are very pleased to offer our customers an integrated solution that brings together our innovative solution with the benefits that 7shifts delivers in with its outstanding employee scheduling and management functionality.”

With the 7shifts app, shift assignments can be easily populated in pre-established templates that designate the number, hours, and type of staff needed for each shift, automatically cross-checking the personnel database for skills levels, availability, and even distribution of shift assignments. When shift assignments are finalized — or shift trade requests are posted, filled and approved — emails and text messages are sent out to employees, notifying them of their work assignments. An electronic Manager Log Book makes it easy to track employee history for improved performance visibility and management. Free mobile apps are provided to managers and all employees so managers can handle scheduling adjustments on the go, and employees can carry their work schedules around in their pockets.

How the integrated solution works

Once the integration between the two solutions is complete, employee information can be entered once into either the TouchBistro staff module or into the 7shifts app. Employee scheduling and management features will then be accessible within both apps through the employee ID number. When an employee clocks in/out through TouchBistro, it is cross-referenced with the schedule in 7shifts, preventing an employee from punching in unscheduled shifts, and eliminating unbudgeted overtime and unbalanced staffing.

“TouchBistro shares our commitment to offering the most technically advanced and well-designed solution on the market for restaurant and bar customers. Our integration is a perfect fit as we team up on innovation that improves efficiencies in the food services industry,” said Jordan Boesch, founder and CEO of 7shifts.

About TouchBistro

With offices in New York and Toronto, TouchBistro is a leader in iPad restaurant point-of-sale technology for restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, and other food and drink venues. The TouchBistro app has been ranked as the number one top-grossing food and beverage app in 34 countries on the AppleĀ® App Store(SM). TouchBistro was recently named Best POS System for Restaurants by Business News Daily in its annual review of dozens of point-of-sale (POS) systems, one of the by lead411 and one of the —- by PWC. TouchBistro offers a one-month free trial that can be converted to a no-contract subscription. Additional information is available at .

About 7shifts

With offices in Toronto and Saskatoon, 7shifts is a leader in employee scheduling software specifically for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food & beverage operations. 7shifts offers a 28-day free trial and a no-contract subscription. Additional information is available at .

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