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Tele2 keeps quality under control

Moscow ? Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has integrated SITE, the test environment for assessing the quality of connections. The system monitors voice, data and VAS on 2G, 3G and LTE networks.
To monitor the quality of services, Tele2 is using SITE ? the SIGOS Integrated Test Environment. Its architecture includes central server data bases, SIM Multiplexers and test probes supporting 2G, 3G and LTE technologies. Test units located in regions of Tele2 operations provide consistent and reliable testing of the company?s services.
Each day the SITE system is making over 50 thousand tests. Tele2 infotainment and base services account for around 50% of all measurements. For example, the system is assessing the correct function and accessibility of popular services such as Gudok and Geopoisk 24/7. In each region, the system is monitoring the voice quality, SMS/MMS delivery, performance of USSD and the accessibility of the company?s online services. If a certain test case shows a failing or degrading service, SITE will automatically report the issue to the support desk.
In addition, the test system is used to check accessibility of domain names and website references restricted by Roskomnadzor (the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media). Such data access tests reflect 30% of all measurements carried out by SITE. When the system detects any errors or malfunction, employees in charge rectify routing mistakes and block the content forbidden under Russian law.
While rolling out high-speed wireless Internet, the company is striving to provide a high quality of data services. The integrated test environment is launching a special application that emulates the interaction of an Internet user. The program is downloading different content using 3G and 4G networks, testing data speed and accessibility of each datalink. Based on the monitoring results, the support desk is correcting or adjusting server operations.
SITE is monitoring the quality of interconnection and international roaming on a real-time basis. Combining SITE with the SIGOS GlobalRoamer system, Tele2 has access to test its services on over 780 mobile operator networks in 200 countries. The system is evaluating call success rate, voice quality, data speed and time of message delivery. Experts can emulate any test scenarios freely, e.g. configuring the subscriber?s home region, the country of his stay, services used and other variables.
The latest, up-to-date SITE installation allows the operator to effectively manage the labor needed to test new tariffs and services. Thanks to SITE, Tele2 has now access to accurate data collected 24/7, equivalent to around 5 thousand hours of labor work per week.
Integration, technical support and training of Tele2 personnel are carried out by DMTel ? the official distributor of SIGOS in Russia.

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