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New Book From Altify CEO, Donal Daly, Demystifies AI And Explains Its Impact On Work And Life

DUBLIN, IRELAND and SEATTLE, WA — (Marketwired) — 09/19/16 — Altify,, today announced the availability of a new book from Altify–s CEO, Donal Daly. Tomorrow Today: How AI Impacts How We Work, Live, and Think navigates the impact of AI on business professionals in the knowledge economy — such as sales, marketing, and customer service professionals — and demystifies artificial and augmented intelligence, machine learning and big data. It will guide readers to embrace the arrival of artificial and augmented intelligence as positive forces for knowledge workers, emphasizing how humans are at the center, supported by machines. Solving this problem will deliver rapid competitive advantage, today and tomorrow.

.@AltifyInc CEO @donaldaly demystifies AI and explains its impact on work and life with new book.

Donal Daly began his first artificial intelligence company in 1986, and wrote his first book on AI, Expert Systems Introduced, in 1988. For 30 years, he has been passionate about applying AI to business challenges and the impact it can bring to daily life.

“The impact of AI in our personal and business lives is dramatic today and will be transformative tomorrow,” said Daly. “Concepts like self-driving cars, smart homes, machine algorithms setting criminal sentencing guidelines, and the fear of jobs being replaced by AI are not something we can ignore. There are potentially fundamental economic and societal implications of which we must all be aware. I wrote this book to peel back some of the layers of complexity of AI and to enable business leaders and all professional workers to understand what it all means. Here–s the spoiler: we don–t need to fear the robot overlords just yet, but we do need to decide how to use AI in business now.”

“With remarkable insight, Tomorrow Today explains the profound technological and ethical impacts of AI on the future of sales, marketing and general business,” says Mark Roberge, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and former CRO at Hubspot. “Whether AI scares you or not, this thought-provoking but easy accessible book will help you to predict how AI will impact your future.”

“Searching for a competitive advantage and mindful of mass disruption, boardrooms have rushed to AI as the next big thing,” says Ray Wang, principal analyst and founder at Constellation Research. “The investments in AI pilots have moved from science projects to new digital business models powered by smart services. As Donal clearly explains in his book, the unifying force for digital transformation in customer journeys, IoT, future of work, commerce, and blockchain technology is AI driven smart services. Reading this book will help you understand why the shift from analytical systems to augmented humanity will have a profound impact on the world.”

Insights and topics from the book include:

There is no deficit in information. There is a deficit in insight.

Stop making businesses more data-focused; make data more business-focused.

Remember: we all think for a living.

We are all biased: will artificial intelligence deliver bias at scale?

How augmented intelligence is a bicycle for the mind.

“This book is full of insight and pragmatic thinking about what AI means for day-to-day workers,” says Nick Mehta, CEO Gainsight. “It encapsulates the complete experience. When it comes to the right blend of humans and machines, Tomorrow|Today nails it.”

Tomorrow Today: How AI Impacts How We Work, Live, and Think will be available for public purchase on October 3, 2016 from Altify and online from Amazon and Apple iBooks. It will subsequently be available in bookstores.

For progressive B2B sales organizations, Altify helps sales teams make their customers more successful, so they win the deals that matter, increase wallet share in existing customers and manage overall sales team performance. With applied knowledge and insight we make it easy for your customer to buy from you, making it easy for salespeople, managers and executives to accelerate revenue growth consistently.

Customers include: Autodesk, BMC, BT, GE, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, Optum, Salesforce, Virgin Media Business and more.

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