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DialogTech Launches Conversation Insight 2.0 Powered by Nuance Transcription Engine

CHICAGO, IL — (Marketwired) — 09/21/16 — Leading call attribution provider, DialogTech, today unveiled Conversation Insight 2.0 powered by Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE), a powerful, fast and highly accurate engine to transcribe audio and unlock valuable insights for marketing and sales teams. Part of the , Conversation Insight 2.0 records and transcribes marketing driven calls, making it easy for marketers to run a detailed analysis of phone conversations driven from any marketing source to any call centers, remote agents, business location or franchisee. It provides marketers with important and previously unavailable insights into the quality of the phone leads they generate from marketing channels, words customers use that can help improve SEM and SEO keyword research and the over-the-phone performance of sales agents that marketers can use to improve conversion performance, drive better leads and increase revenue for the business.

Unlike solutions that only work for calls into call centers, Conversation Insight 2.0 is unique in that it works for all calls regardless of where they are sent. For example, it is the only call analytics platform that enables businesses with centralized marketing teams to monitor and analyze calls to their distributed salesforce, enabling them to improve revenue growth and customer satisfaction using insights gained from tracking the customer journey from first touch to sales conversation.

“Calls are a critical touch point along a journey from prospect to customer, but also one of the most difficult for marketers to measure and analyze, especially for calls that don–t go to a call center, so providing our customers the ability to explore detailed, accurate analytics on those conversations is eye opening,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech. “With the speed and accuracy of Nuance Transcription Engine behind Conversation Insight 2.0, we can guarantee that we are offering marketers the most powerful call recording, transcription and analytics platform on the market.”

“Nuance Transcription Engine leverages our vast experience in speech and natural language to unlock previously unattainable data from customer calls, giving marketers a window into content and context and, in turn, enabling big data analytics,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Enterprise. “This actionable intelligence delivered by Conversation Insight 2.0 will allow marketers to strategically differentiate and tailor their programs. We applaud DialogTech–s innovative application of Nuance–s powerful transcription capabilities.”

Conversation Insight 2.0 makes it simple for marketing and sales management to quickly obtain insights into phone lead quality and outcome, sales agent performance and the words and phrases customers actually speak, insights previously obtainable only by manually listening to call recordings, a process that was often impossible for marketers either because those recordings weren–t available or the sheer volume of calls made listening to recordings impractical. The platform automatically captures the content and context of every conversation driven by marketing efforts to any business location, department, sales agent or franchisee and provides marketers with sophisticated technologies including keyword spotting and machine learning to rapidly filter, analyze and categorize calls for valuable insights. Each conversation also includes a graphic representation of the conversation via new waveform visualization technology that shows a wide range of insights, such as if the call was answered, who is speaking and for how long, the average time it takes for customers to reach agents and more.

DialogTech–s newly released Dialog Analytics will also benefit from NTE. Dialog Analytics is powered by Conversation Insight 2.0 and is the only marketing solution that uses machine learning to automatically analyze the source, context and content of calls to group them based on the specific insight marketers wish to learn.

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DialogTech, the combination of Ifbyphone and Mongoose Metrics, provides the only platform for end-to-end call attribution and conversion essential for data-driven marketers. DialogTech–s platform solves one of the most pressing challenges in today–s mobile-first world by eliminating the black hole inbound calls create in understanding true marketing performance. And as marketers face mounting pressure to drive not only leads but revenue, DialogTech–s platform empowers marketers with the call attribution data needed to confidently invest in campaigns that drive calls, as well as the conversion technology necessary to convert callers into customers. DialogTech serves as a strategic partner to over 5,000 enterprises, agencies, and fast-growing companies across a wide variety of industries. For more information visit .

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