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TigerGraph Emerges With $31M in Series A Funding, Introduces Real-Time Graph Platform

REDWOOD CITY, CA — (Marketwired) — 09/19/17 — TigerGraph today made announcements including its emergence from stealth, securing of $31M in Series A funding, general availability of TigerGraph — the world–s first and only native parallel graph database platform for enterprise applications, and availability of both its Cloud Service and GraphStudio, TigerGraph–s visual software development kit (SDK). TigerGraph–s Native Parallel Graph Technology (NPG) powers real-time deep link analytics for enterprises with complex and colossal amounts of data.

With investors including Qiming VC, Baidu, Ant Financial, AME Cloud, Morado Ventures, Zod Nazem, Danhua Capital and DCVC, TigerGraph–s $31 million in funding is one of the most sizeable financing rounds in graph database history. Formerly known as GraphSQL while in stealth, TigerGraph is a technical breakthrough representing the next stage in the graph database evolution — a complete, distributed, parallel graph computing platform supporting web-scale data analytics in real-time.

Graph databases are the fastest growing category in all of data management, according to . However, first generation solutions are not designed to support the massive data volumes and data creation rates enterprises face today, and are unable to provide the full benefits of graph analytics. In turn, they fail to deliver the high performance deep link analytics needed to power enterprise applications.

TigerGraph is the real-time graph database platform for enterprise. TigerGraph is especially suited for very large graphs — the best model for deep link analytics as they enable exploration, discovery and prediction of relationships. These features are essential enterprise applications including: personalized recommendations, fraud prevention, supply-chain logistics optimization, company knowledge graph and more.

Unlike existing solutions, TigerGraph is designed to combine both native graph storage and compute, supports real-time graph updates and offers built-in parallel computation. Additionally, TigerGraph–s architecture is modular and supports both scale-up and scale-out deployment models for distributed applications.

TigerGraph is the only product on the market with the following performance features:

The ability to traverse hundreds of million of vertices/edges per second per machine traversing three hops or more, orders of magnitude faster than traditional approaches.

The ability to load 50 to 150 GB of data per hour per machine. No more batch loading!

The ability to stream 2B+ daily events in real-time to a graph with 100B+ vertices and 600B+ edges on an only 20 commodity machine cluster, battle-tested by the world–s largest e-payment company with over two years in production.

These technical breakthroughs are essential for real-time analytics for the largest datasets, including fraud prevention at the world–s largest e-commerce provider, recommendations at the world–s largest mobile e-commerce company, and network management at the world–s largest electric grid company.

“We are very excited to publicly launch our product after being battle tested by the largest customers in the world,” said Yu Xu, founder and CEO of TigerGraph. “With the power of combining real-time, big data and deep link analytics in a single platform, TigerGraph delivers the true promise and benefits of a graph platform. We expect to see a slew of new enterprise applications powered by TigerGraph. TigerGraph is poised to redefine the enterprise market just as the iPhone redefined the smartphone market.”

TigerGraph is used by customers including Alipay, VISA, SoftBank, State Grid Corporation of China, Wish.com and Elementum. Uses cases include:

TigerGraph helps combat financial crime in real-time by allowing organizations to quickly deploy sophisticated anti-fraud and anti-money laundering capabilities on real time data performing complex deep link analytics in a unified company wide knowledge graph.

Empowers organizations to quickly deploy powerful relationship analysis capabilities. Real-time capabilities allow retailers to quickly synthesize and make sense of customer behavior and activities, smartly clustering products and make personalized recommendations.

Provides real-time visibility and analytics into key supply chain operations including order management, shipment status and other logistics.

TigerGraph–s analytic capabilities help energy companies to monitor and analyze power flows, detect bottlenecks and alert personnel about grid performance issues, make real-time power generation and electricity flow control.

TigerGraph and its Cloud Service on Amazon EC2 are generally available today. TigerGraph also released GraphStudio, a visual SDK designed for technical and non-technical users to create, explore and query graphs visually. For more information, visit: .

“We tried many graph databases but none met our requirements because of slow loading speed or slow query performance. TigerGraph–s super fast data loading speed and real-time sub-second query performance on large datasets provides unparalleled performance advantages. It–s a tool that really lets you tap into the full benefits of a graph analytics platform.”
– Minh Chau, Head of Engineering at Elementum

“The electric power grid is a –physical world– graph consisting of power generators, transformers, transmission lines, switches, meters, which is constantly changing. A real-time graph engine is essential to manage equipment in the grid and dynamically compute and estimate the electric power flowing in the grid for safety, efficiency and operations planning. We chose TigerGraph for three reasons: its real-time high performance computational power, its scalability to process large graphs and its flexible and powerful SDK which enables my teams to develop vertical applications quickly and efficiently.”
– Guangyi Liu, PhD, CTO of GEIRI North America, State Grid Corporation of China

“We have been using TigerGraph for two years now at Wish. TigerGraph–s speed, scalability and graph model have enabled many applications for us that we previously thought were overly challenging.”
– Jack Xie, Head of Data at Wish

“There are many interesting applications which can greatly benefit from a graph database now, and in the coming years. The key challenge is to have a distributed graph database that can handle large amount of graph data and efficiently parallelize processing for speed. TigerGraph has unique technology that delivers today.”
– Scott Gnau, CTO of Hortonworks

“TigerGraph is a native parallel graph, which provides order of magnitude better performance than other graph databases. This huge advantage in scale and performance allows users to run real-time analytics on massive datasets, which opens up all new application areas in use cases around finance, transportation, and fraud analytics.”
– Steven Xi, Founder and Managing Partner of Eastlink Capital

“TigerGraph is a transformational technology being used by some of the world–s most disruptive companies. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting opportunity as the native parallel graph will continue to address clear pain points for companies seeking to make the most of their massive amounts of data.”
– Kuantai Yeh, Partner, Qiming Venture Partners

“TigerGraph is the first graph processing system that makes a serious attempt to store the data in native graph form that is suited for parallel processing. It carries out this vision throughout the entire implementation stack, building everything with a view toward efficient parallel processing. We are in the age of big data. We–re in the age of huge graphs that no longer fit in a single machine, or if they do, they are large enough that computation over them is not efficiently carried out on a single machine. We need to parallelize this computation. In order to do that, we need to start from a platform that is already sensitive to the issues arriving from parallelization.”
– Alin Deutsch, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego

TigerGraph is the world–s first Real-Time Graph Analytics Platform powered by Native Parallel Graph (NPG) technology. TigerGraph fulfills the true promise and benefits of the graph platform by supporting real-time deep link analytics for enterprises with complex and colossal amounts of data. TigerGraph–s proven technology is used by customers including Alipay, VISA, SoftBank, State Grid Corporation of China, Wish and Elementum.

Founded by Yu Xu, Ph.D. in 2012, TigerGraph is funded by Qiming VC, Baidu, Ant Financial, AME Cloud, Morado Ventures, Zod Nazem, Danhua Capital and DCVC. TigerGraph is based in Redwood City, CA. Learn more at .

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Kulesa Faul for TigerGraph


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