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VON Consulting Tech Division: the job market will still favor developers in 2023

After the whirlwind in hiring and personnel expansion brought on by the pandemic remote working years, 2023 seems like a giant plot of infertile soil in the middle of what, a mere months ago, the tech world would have called the promised fertile land.

The first days of the year began with a resounding bang – and not necessarily in cheery accords. Almost all major tech companies announced they had started or would begin laying off staff, or pausing hiring – which naturally left many IT professionals puzzled and wondering if their jobs can be considered ‘safe’ in the current climate.

Despite the headwinds and the mass layoffs from major tech firms like Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Oracle, Dell, Twitter, Zoom, Salesforce and so many others – there remains demand – and even though these companies have announced cutbacks on their personnel schemes, they still have between 400 and even 4.000 open positions worldwide (status at the end of January 2023, based on open positions communicated on LinkedIn).

Vivien Untaru, VON Consulting Tech Division CEO, an IT service provider company operating in Germany, US, SEE and UAE also comments: “The entire tech world has been rocked by the news of company restructurings going on worldwide, but we see in all the countries where we operate that the demand for developers is still active – albeit at a significantly slower rate than in previous years. Developers will no doubt preserve a good position to weather the economic storm”.

If you’re an IT professional: Getting the best job

Make sure not to be lured by what may seem too good to be true – bright lights, big salaries, great employment packages, especially under the current circumstances. Look into the long-term prospects, as well as an organization’s staff retention. Also make sure you do your research, try to collect peer reviews about working in a particular company.

Most importantly, in a time when employers are open to remote working, seek global job opportunities. It’s true, analyzing the different roles available, comparing company ethos, career trajectories and packages can be a handful even for the most proficient data scientist, but don’t make rash decisions, or accept the first offer that comes your way. By working with a recruitment specialist, you can help yourself to get access to all the information that you need to make an informed choice. Whether you decide to go it alone or consult a tech recruitment agency, take your time and do your research. 

If you’re a company in need of IT outsourcing: Getting the best consultants

It may seem presumptuous, but it’s the truth – we live in a world in which everything is software. Modern devices, from PCs, smartphones, tablets and navigation systems, are all connected to the software services industry. If you also have ongoing tech projects, but in the current economic climate, you might be better off outsourcing one, take this into consideration: VON Consulting Tech Division has 10 years’ expertise in helping IT businesses grow and we went down this path because our clients requested it! We’re professionals and innovators, where there isn’t a way, we build one, we monetize quality first and foremost and value commitment. 

VON Consulting technical consultancy division delivers hardware design and verification, as well as embedded software development services, application implementation and testing in telecommunications. Our clients are mainly active in networking and semiconductors industries and all are top tier in their fields.

A company like ours is in the position in which we can counsel not only IT talents looking for new opportunities, but also companies who are questioning whether or not outsourcing their next IT project might be the right move to make. VON Consulting Tech Division can give your company the most agile, cost-effective and top-quality services on the market. We talk, we listen, we deliver results.

See more on www.vonconsulting.net and let’s work together! 

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